Taiwan Earthquake: Death Toll is Low after 7.4 Earthquake Hit

Taiwan Earthquake: Death Toll is Low after 7.4 Earthquake Hit

Michiyo Tanabe and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The death toll in Taiwan is extremely low, given the severity of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that hit this country. Hundreds remain injured and in hospital care – while others are still missing under debris or in collapsed tunnels. Accordingly, the death toll is likely to increase further.

However, government precautions and building safety mechanisms seem to be holding up. Hence, while it is sad that several people have died from the earthquake, one can only imagine what would have happened in many other nations if hit by such a force.

In the tunnels of Jinwen and Qingshui, rescue missions are ongoing to reach 77 known people who remain trapped.

Hualien City was 18km from the epicenter of the earthquake. With tremors being felt strongly in the capital of Taiwan.

The BBC reports, “Taiwan, home to 23 million people, is largely mountainous in the east, where Hualien sits. It is a sparsely populated area, home to indigenous tribes. For most of its history, the area has been completely cut off from the rest of Taiwan because of its high mountains.”

Lee Jay Walker (Modern Tokyo Times analyst) says, “In 1999, approximately 2,400 people died when a 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan. During this earthquake, vast numbers of buildings were destroyed. Therefore, Taiwan implemented counter-measures against earthquake vulnerability areas to safeguard the people of this country.”

Rescue workers are continuing to search for missing people in Hualien.

In the mines of Heping and Zhonghe, it is known that 71 people are trapped in these two mines.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Japan will provide immediate support if Taiwan requests help. He also expressed his sympathy to the people of Taiwan and said this country was “a neighbor across the sea.”

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