Taliban bans female students from universities in Afghanistan

Taliban bans female students from universities in Afghanistan

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Taliban have suspended female students from attending university until further notice. Hence, the Islamization of Afghanistan under conservative Sharia Islamic law is being implemented by the Taliban.

The Cabinet decision by the Taliban will be welcomed by other Sunni Islamists from Nigeria to Iraq. After all, Boko Haram in Nigeria, al-Shabaab in Somalia, and ISIS (Islamic State – IS) in Iraq support the same Sunni Islamist conservative mindset.

Gulf powers, America, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom all supported Sunni international jihadists against Communist Najibullah in Afghanistan several decades ago. Najibullah introduced educational reforms for women and other positive angles to society. However, the usual nations supported various Sunni Islamic forces in this country to topple Communist forces. Therefore, the Islamist path was laid by the very nations that are now condemning the Taliban.

Reuters reports, “In March, the Taliban drew criticism from many foreign governments and some Afghans for making a U-turn on signals all girls’ high schools would be opened.”

Stephane Dujarric, a spokesperson for the United Nations, said, “It’s another very troubling move and it’s difficult to imagine how the country can develop, deal with all of the challenges that it has, without active participation of women and the education of women.”

The Guardian reports, “After the takeover of Afghanistan by the hardline Islamists in August last year, universities were forced to implement new rules including gender-segregated classrooms and entrances, and women were only permitted to be taught by female professors or old men.”

The Taliban is gradually Islamizing society based on their interpretation of Islam – which conveniently found a voice in Pakistan. America and the United Kingdom backed the government of Pakistan and the armed forces of this nation at the same timeframe.

Unlike international jihadists who seek to spread Islamism to other nations – the Taliban is focused primarily on Afghanistan and adopting conservative Islamic Sharia law.

It remains to be seen if more restrictions will be put on women throughout Afghanistan.

Afghanistan will remain to be bleak for women for the foreseeable future.

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