Taliban Hints at Stoning to Death for Women in Afghanistan (Adultery and Islam)

Taliban Hints at Stoning to Death for Women in Afghanistan (Adultery and Islam)

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Only recently, the United Nations (UN) said categorically that women suffering from domestic violence in Afghanistan are now being put in prison. In neighboring Iran, young ladies (and others) have been killed by the “morality police” over the draconian dress code.

Similarly, in Iraq, the Yazidis are enslaved (including sexual slavery) by ISIS (Islamic State – IS). Therefore, the Taliban and others are implementing anti-female draconian laws – which are based on the Koran, Hadiths, and Sharia.

Hibatullah Akhundzada said, “Our mission is to enforce sharia and Allah’s Hudud [law].”

He continued, “You may call it a violation of women’s rights when we publicly stone or flog them for committing adultery because they conflict with your democratic principles… Just as you claim to be striving for the freedom of entire humanity, so do I. I represent Allah, and you represent Satan.” 

In 2015, the Guardian reported, “A group of people are watching the stoning as the men throw rocks with increasing speed, without betraying any visible emotion. The video cuts before the woman is killed.”

UN News (2023) reports, “Stoning people to death or burying them under a wall constitutes torture or other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment… These cruel punishments are contrary to international law.”

UN News continues, “…women are more likely to be sentenced to death by stoning, due to deeply entrenched discrimination and stereotypes against them, including deep-rooted stereotypes held by the exclusively male judiciary – a manifestation of the gender-based persecution that women and girls endure in Afghanistan…”

The Independent reported (Afghan Witness – 2023)“Researchers state they recorded 188 such cases across the country from January last year to July this year – with reports including cases of women being beheaded or shot at, as well as cases of stabbings. Bodies are said to be frequently discarded in rivers or streets, with reports sometimes stating their bodies indicate torture or suffocation, according to the Afghan Witness study.”

In Yemen, very young girls are married to older men. Likewise, in Pakistan, non-Muslim Christian, Hindu, and Sikh young girls are forcibly converted to Islam and forced to marry older male Muslims (the UN condemned Pakistan last year over forced marriages). Therefore, the crisis in Afghanistan is a grim reminder of the persecution of women at the hands of Islamists or the structures of Sharia Islamic law in many nations (or parts of the world under Islamic insurgents).

Astonishingly, Islamist ideology is growing in parts of Europe and North America because political elites continue to take in millions of Muslim immigrants – while tolerating Islamic extremist preachers and branches like the Muslim Brotherhood, which sows propaganda and utilizes the politically correct.

These are dark times for women in Afghanistan. Indeed, any free-thinking individual – irrespective of sexuality – faces the tyranny of theocratic Islam.

It should be noted that Afghan tribals and ordinary Muslims – outside the power of the Taliban – have also stoned or brutally killed women.

Alarmingly, the shadows of Islamic theocratic darkness are spreading to nations that once were a million miles away.



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