The US undermines China and Venezuela but now seeks them to be anti-Russia

The US undermines China and Venezuela but now seeks them to be anti-Russia

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Joe Biden of America continuously rebukes China, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. This concerns the violation of human rights, lack of democracy, and other ill deeds. However, without an ounce of shame, the Biden administration is requesting all three nations to adopt anti-Russian Federation policies.

The crisis in Ukraine once more highlights the sinister nature of America and fellow NATO powers. After all, people are still dying from the convulsions of NATO actions in Iraq, Libya, and the destabilization of Syria. Not only this, just like America even dropped Agent Orange on the neighbors of Vietnam despite Cambodia and Laos having nothing to do with the Vietnam War, the debacle in Libya led to horrendous convulsions throughout the Sahel region. Therefore, children are still being born deformed after Agent Orange was used many decades ago – people in Iraq, Libya, the Sahel region, and Syria are also still dying because of the brutal deeds of NATO powers.

China earns the displeasure of America because political elites in Washington fear the growing economic rise of this nation. Hence, the human rights angle is manipulated to the maximum. Also, China is blasted for unfair trading practices, lacking transparency, and being a danger to regional nations. However, the conflict in Ukraine is leading America to reach out to recent adversaries.

The leader of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, is not even recognized within the corridors of power in Washinton with being the legitimate leader based on his authoritarian nature. Also, according to the Financial Times, Maduro is deemed to be a drug trafficker. However, the Biden administration – sensing an opportunity to weaken nations that are friendly to the Russian Federation – sent senior officials from the White House to focus on opening alternative oil supplies.

This policy is being scorned heavily in America. After all, while Venezuela needs to focus on its own economy, it is unlikely to turn against the Russian Federation given the past policies of America against Maduro.

The Democratic head of the Senate foreign relations committee, Bob Menendez, strongly condemned the Biden administration. He said, “the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people . . . are worth much more than a few thousand barrels of oil.”

Irrespective of whether individuals support America’s claims against China and Venezuela – and attacking nations like Saudi Arabia over human rights – it is strange for elites in Washington to seek help from the very nations they rebuke or seek to undermine.

Since the Obama administration, the containment of China – in the geopolitical and economic arena – began to increase. Japan has also joined in the endless anti-China agenda in recent years to a higher degree. Hence, from more Western military weapons to Taiwan and increasing political connections – to seeking to humiliate China diplomatically by utilizing the Xinjiang Muslim question (Buddhist Tibet seems to be forgotten these days) – and raising the China threat to regional nations in the South China Sea and the Asia Pacific – and other issues, for example, plying the China espionage angle – it appears absurd for America to put pressure on China to adopt an anti-Russian Federation stance concerning Ukraine.

China isn’t interested in merely following the diktats of America. Hence, China is more nuanced about the Ukraine and Russian Federation conflict. Similarly, India refrained from the anti-Russian Federation rhetoric of America, Australia, and Japan during the recent Quads meeting. Therefore, elites in Beijing, facing the containment policies of America, aren’t interested in helping the latest whims emanating out of the White House.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi of China said, “China always opposes the use of sanctions to solve problems, and even more opposes unilateral sanctions that have no basis in international law, which will undermine international rules and bring harm to the people’s livelihood of all countries.”

Animosity against the current leader of Venezuela remains strong in the corridors of power in America. Hence, this Biden initiative is already dead and buried. Likewise, America is failing to gain India and other nations on the side of Biden’s anti-Russian Federation agenda. Therefore, China will remain steadfast – by protecting its own economic and geopolitical interests. However, the cynical and devious Biden administration that seeks to turn the clock on and off concerning China, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and others: is a reminder of the callow approach that emanates in the corridors of power in Washington.

Opportunism to outright folly!


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