Tokyo Governor and the nighttime coronavirus: Bars and restaurants can stay open until 8 pm

Tokyo Governor and the nighttime coronavirus: Bars and restaurants can stay open until 8 pm

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

In recent weeks, in parallel with the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the coronavirus (Covid-19) is gradually spreading. Of course, cynical voices note the coronavirus entered Japan in the middle of January. Hence, the parallel within one day of the postponed Olympics more than two months later is a mighty coincidence. Therefore, if you think this is strange, you also have the nighttime coronavirus angle and other oddities in Tokyo.

The Hokkaido Governor took measures to try to contain the coronavirus crisis. This was well before Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. For Abe and Koike desired the image of a safe Tokyo based on the Olympic angle.

If people want to view the state of emergency in Tokyo and Japan – then don’t conjure up images of heavy-handed police tactics in France and the United Kingdom. Similarly, don’t think about the leader of the Philippines who threatens even more severe actions. Instead, frankly speaking, it is about your hair salon still being open and if you can still go to a restaurant?

More than a week ago Koike stressed that izakaya pubs and restaurants could stay open until 8 pm. She noted, that alcohol mustn’t be served after 7 pm. Ironic because Koike can be seen endlessly with a facemask on, especially to a higher degree since the postponed Olympics. Hence, is the coronavirus in Tokyo a nighttime virus that only strikes after 8 pm?

Thankfully, the hours have been reduced and many restaurants have closed because of coronavirus warnings. Yet, this is based on these individual restaurants and other types of shops acting responsibly.

Alas, not to be outdone, Koike also implied that hair salons, golf driving ranges, and baseball hitting cages were also permitted. In other words, the most bizarre state of emergency imaginable. Therefore, you can imagine why she couldn’t even shut down the sex trade area of Shinjuku – despite her head office being in Shinjuku – for over two months during the Olympic hiatus.

Rightly so, the Abe administration is being condemned for its aloofness and lack of care for ordinary people. Yet, Koike should not escape the same condemnation because she also put the coronavirus on a back burner for over two months.

Also, Tokyo is now responsible for being the worst-hit area for coronavirus cases in Japan. Therefore, what happened to Abe, Koike, and the coronavirus until the middle of January and the postponed Olympics in late March?

If people are wondering why the coronavirus took three months to increase in numbers then look no further than Abe and Koike. The only difference between both individuals is that Abe solely focuses on economics, while Koike is an opportunist!


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