Tokyo News: Governor Yuriko Koike to take a short break because of fatigue

Tokyo News: Governor Yuriko Koike to take a short break because of fatigue

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

The Tokyo Governor, Yuriko Koike, is suffering from enormous fatigue. Hence, she will take time away from important meetings this week to focus on her health. Yet despite people wishing Koike a speedy recovery, it must be stressed that her policies of focusing and spending vast sums on an unpopular Olympics mean countless numbers of people in Tokyo are suffering from her policies.

The State of Emergencies and quasi-emergency measures have been implemented often in recent times throughout many parts of Japan. However, the result of these measures ceaselessly fails in the long term because the coronavirus soon re-emerges.

Issues related to internal local government debt in Tokyo are also a problem because of the economic convulsions of the coronavirus and spending vast sums on the unloved Olympics. Hence, Koike’s balancing act between seeking to stem the coronavirus while holding the Olympics means her workload is catching her up. Therefore, the Governor of Tokyo declared that she will take a break for the rest of the week because of extreme fatigue.

NHK reports, “Koike has spearheaded preparations for the Tokyo Olympics, which are one month away, while heading up the effort to combat the coronavirus in the Japanese capital.”

Koike knows full well that the Olympics and Paralympics remain unpopular throughout Japan. Yet, the mantra from Koike, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is that the games will go ahead irrespective of the coronavirus crisis in Japan. Therefore, at a time when millions of people require economic support and full attention on the coronavirus crisis, the IOC, Koike, and Suga ignore the facts that more variants are entering Japan and deaths are much higher in 2021 than in the whole of 2020 from coronavirus.

Lee Jay Walker says, “Many companies are feeling the economic convulsions of the coronavirus. Similarly, for the working-poor, temporary workers, and others in hard-hit sectors, then vast numbers of people are struggling financially. Therefore, while sympathy exists for Koike, she is blessed with the luxury of not having to worry about getting into personal debt – or worrying about work-related issues given her wealth generated from entering the political system.”

Hopefully, Koike’s health will soon recover. Equally, it is hoped that Koike will consider the economic and mental fatigue of ordinary people during her break resulting from extreme fatigue.


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