Tokyo News: Lawmakers enjoy Tokyo nightlife while people suffer from Covid-19 anguish

Tokyo News: Japanese lawmakers enjoy Tokyo nightlife while people suffer from Covid-19 anguish

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Tokyo and other parts of Japan are currently under the State of Emergency because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. However, several lawmakers – despite knowing that thousands of people are awaiting hospital care because of the growing coronavirus waiting list – decided to enjoy the nightlife in Tokyo.

At a time when Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike seem out of touch based on the Olympic angle, then Suga will be embarrassed by the latest findings. Indeed, Suga’s handling of the tourist campaign and his slowness in responding to the growing coronavirus crisis means he is already being met by consternation among the general public. Therefore, he was forced to apologize for the behavior of several Japanese politicians.

Suga said, “I’m terribly sorry that this happened when we are asking people not to eat out after 8 p.m. and to avoid non-essential, non-urgent outings.”

The acting chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Diet Affairs Committee, Jun Matsumoto, willfully showed his disdain towards the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Hence, he enjoyed visiting hostess bars in the plush Ginza district, while commuters in Tokyo face everyday psychological factors and thousands of Tokyoites with coronavirus can’t find hospitals to care for them.

Kiyohiko Toyama, the acting Secretary-General of Komeito that supports the ruling party, also enjoyed the nightlife just like Matsumoto. Thus the suspicion is that too many members of the ruling elites are extremely out of touch. This relates to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the working poor, the national debt, struggling temporary workers, and pensioners in the lower brackets who are struggling to survive.

Reuters reports, The news is another headache for Suga whose approval rating has tumbled due to dissatisfaction with his handling of the pandemic, which critics have called too slow and inconsistent.”

Overall, it appears that many ruling elites are out of touch with bread and butter issues – and the need to prioritize serious issues.


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