Tokyo Olympics: Abe and Olympic Committee imply capitalism over coronavirus crisis

Tokyo Olympics: Abe and Olympic Committee imply capitalism over coronavirus crisis

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) appear to be focused on capitalism and profits before the reality of the international coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. Thus, despite over 8,000 people already dead and with 200,000 cases and continuing to grow each new day, the IOC and the leader of Japan are insensitive. After all, they insist that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will continue despite the international pandemic spreading to all corners of the world.

The severity of the crisis already means that the first half of the year will be dominated by the coronavirus crisis. Hence, the period of showcasing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is but a pale shadow.

In nations like Italy, already just below 3,000 have died and this number will continue to grow. Similarly, one-day deaths were growing in China and now abating; then it is Italy in such high numbers; the only question is which nation will be next to suffer thousands of deaths?

Despite this, Abe and the IOC are adamant that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will commence like normal. However, the world isn’t normal and only today the World Health Organization is now warning parts of Asia to brace itself.

The Guardian reports, The IOC has remained committed to staging the Tokyo Games as planned from 24 July to 9 August, saying on Tuesday after a meeting with international sports federations that measures against the virus were delivering results.”

Abe, equally uncaring and focusing on the economic angle, uttered, “We will overcome the spread of the infection and host the Olympics without problem as planned.”

However, dissent is emerging within the IOC and from athletes who believe that the prevailing conditions are too extreme. Hayley Wickenheiser, an IOC member, pointedly stated, “This crisis is bigger than even the Olympics.”

Wickenheiser continued, “I think the IOC insisting this will move ahead, with such conviction, is insensitive and irresponsible given the state of humanity.”

Hence, irrespective of the final outcome of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it is abundantly clear that the IOC and the leader of Japan are heavily focused on the economic angle. After all, other leading sporting events have been canceled. Yet, somehow the IOC and Abe appear to be ignoring the countless death rate increasing and numbers of people becoming infected.


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