Tokyo preparing to increase Covid-19 tests when the flu season starts

Tokyo preparing to increase Covid-19 tests when the flu season starts

Kanako Mita and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The central government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) have been discussing the need to increase coronavirus (Covid-19) tests during the flu season. Obviously, with individuals, families, and businesses being concerned about this angle, it is imperative to be fully prepared.

Apparently, tests will need to increase by over seven times the current capacity in Tokyo. The figure will vary throughout Japan.

Of course, the number of tests needed will also depend on the rate of coronavirus in Tokyo. Hence, the estimate isn’t set in stone. Equally, nobody knows the full impact of having influenza and coronavirus at the same time.

The Guardian reports, “Having flu and Covid-19 together significantly increases your risk of death, say government scientists who are urging all those at risk of getting or transmitting flu to get the vaccine in the coming weeks and months.”

Professor Jonathan Van-tam, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of England, said, “As I understand it, it’s 43% of those with co-infection died compared with 26.9% of those who tested positive for Covid only.”

This high figure relates to individuals who were hospitalized and in very poor health. Hence, when individuals are in high-risk groups, it naturally entails that co-infections are obviously more dangerous.

The TMG is naturally making plans for the worst-case scenario. However, in truth, nobody knows if a flu epidemic will occur – and, if it does, the longevity. Similarly, the coronavirus crisis in Tokyo – and other parts of Japan – fluctuates from month to month.

Flu jabs are being recommended even more than usual because of the coronavirus crisis. Hence, many people are naturally worried about the usual height of the flu season.


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