Tokyo reports the lowest rate of new coronavirus cases since April 1

Tokyo reports the lowest rate of new coronavirus cases since April 1

Noriko Watanabe and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The last week highlights a leveling off from new coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in Tokyo. Of course, the odd day may see a rather high figure but the news is more favorable. Therefore, it is hoped the trend will continue this week.

Unlike other nations, the state of emergency is relatively mild in Japan. Hence, despite restrictions, many people are still working. For a fortunate minority, they can work from home. Yet, for many their options are limited – or job losses have been announced for the most vulnerable of workers. Thus, despite train traffic being reduced, a high proportion of workers are still commuting even if the hours are user-friendly.

Despite the usual scaremongering – and, nobody fully knows which way the coronavirus crisis will go in Japan – it is clear that the death toll is still remarkably low. Thereby, despite the recent increase of coronavirus cases in the last few weeks in Japan taking an upturn, it isn’t a dramatic breakdown. After all, other nations have been hit horrendously including America, Ecuador, and many European nations.

The latest number of 72 cases reported in Tokyo on April 26, is the lowest since the first day of the month. Sunday numbers are usually lower based on reporting factors on this day. Despite this, the overall numbers in the last week point to a leveling off, even if it isn’t conclusive.

Nor is it an indicator that future peaks will not happen in Tokyo. However, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be satisfied with the increase of vigilance.

Overall, the death toll in Japan is only 360 despite the coronavirus entering this nation in the middle of January. Similarly, the death toll of 100 in Tokyo is remarkably low. – Tokyo Metropolitan Government website for updates about the coronavirus crisis in Tokyo.



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