Tokyo stabbing spree on a train near leafy Seijo area: Motive unknown

Tokyo stabbing spree on a train near leafy Seijo area: Motive unknown

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

A terrible stabbing by a male on the Odakyu Train Line resulted in ten people being stabbed. It is believed that one stabbing victim suffered more severe injuries than other people.

The Odakyu Electric Railway Co. stated that the incident happened in the environs of Seijogakuen train station. This part of Tokyo is very leafy and a popular area to reside.

Ironically, terrorist training because of the Tokyo Olympics has focused on the international angle. Yet the stabbing spree on the Tokyo train is homegrown and unlikely to be terrorist-related. Therefore, the stabbing spree is likely linked to work-related issues, mental health, or is completely illogical.

Lee Jay Walker says, “Japan released images of anti-terrorist training forces that resembled Hollywood at its worst. Also, despite terrorism in Japan being homegrown in the past concerning Aum Shinrikyo, images implied training was aimed at the international angle. Aum Shinrikyo killed 14 people in its sarin gas terrorist attack in 1995. This brutal terrorist attack also sickened thousands of train passengers.”

According to NHK, the male suspect is 36 years old. NHK reports, “Investigators say the suspect jumped onto the tracks and fled. They say a knife that is believed to have been used in the stabbings, and a mobile phone believed to belong to the suspect were found on the train.”

He gave himself up at a convenience store after feeling tired of running away.

In recent years, one male in 2019 attacked schoolgirls and others. This resulted in two deaths and seventeen injured in this knife attack. The year before, one passenger was killed on a train and two others injured in another knife attack.

Other deadly attacks include one ex-employee killing 19 people at a disabled facility and injuring many people. While in 2008, seven people were killed in Akihabara after a truck attack and stabbing spree. Therefore, despite the relatively low crime rate in Japan, terrible deadly attacks do occur.

The motive behind the latest Tokyo stabbing spree remains unknown.


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