Tokyo tourism: Todoroki Valley and the natural flow of Buddhism and Shintoism

Tokyo tourism: Todoroki Valley and the natural flow of Buddhism and Shintoism

Sawako Utsumi and Kanako Mita

Modern Tokyo Times

The Todoroki Valley in Tokyo is a nice quaint walk to connect with nature. Indeed, the close proximity to Jiyugaoka and Futako Tamagawa means budding tourists can enjoy the amazing contrasts with the Todoroki Valley. Of course, if you are primarily focused on enjoying nature, then sticking to this quaint walk will suffice.

This valley is a one-off in Tokyo. Hence, you can imagine how Tokyo looked in past history before modernization engulfed other valleys. Therefore, while Todoroki Valley isn’t huge, it is still unique and worth visiting.

The spiritual angle and garden also provide a nice blend. Thus nature naturally fuses with Buddhism and Shintoism during your walk. Hence, the timid Yazawa River is fitting for this quaint part of Tokyo.

Plentiful types of trees and the shape of the valley provide a nice cool temperature even during the summer period. Trees that bless Todoroki Valley include bamboo-leaf oak, konara oak, Japanese mountain cherry, Japanese zelkova, and others. At the same time, the abundant trees also blend naturally with the Buddhist and Shinto angles.

The Todoroki Fudoson Buddhist Temple is a nice place to connect with spirituality. Equally, it is a great place to view Cherry Blossom during the correct season. Therefore, the Buddhist and Shinto temple angle generates a lovely dimension.

The Todoroki Valley fuses culture, history, nature, and spirituality in a natural way. Also, the shoin-style drawing room in the Japanese garden near the Buddhist temple enhances the Todoroki Valley walk. Therefore, it is worth reading about the rich history of this part of Tokyo before visiting via the Tokyu Oimachi Train Line.


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