Tokyo tourism: Tokyo Roof Garden in Higashi Shinagawa

Tokyo tourism: Tokyo Roof Garden in Higashi Shinagawa

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

Tokyo is blessed with many hidden gems. This includes architecture, bird watching, Buddhist temples, minor local shopping areas that bring back memories of pre-modernized Tokyo, traditional porcelain, Shinto shrines, Tokyo roof gardens, and so much more. Thus, it is worth reading up about your self-interests to find the hidden gems that pop up all over this city.

This article is focused on the Tokyo roof garden that connects with the Higashi Shinagawa Marine Park. Hence, at first glance – unless you know the area – it appears that no beautiful garden area exists that is full of delightful flowers and a lovely pond. However, if you research the subject properly, the delightful roof garden in Higashi Shinagawa is a real treat.

The garden area is well maintained all year round. Also, with several benches to relax and sit down, it is a lovely way to escape the madding crowds of central Tokyo. Hence, the flowers and pond area provide a delightful relief from the stresses of this world. Therefore, it is a real treat to view the exquisite garden layout.

Also, the pond area is a miniature oasis despite its small size. Depending on the season, individuals can see dragonflies, frogs, special insects, and other areas of wildlife – including bats before darkness fully descends. Special protected small fish can also be seen all year round. Thus, viewing the pond area – and enjoying other aspects of this floor of the rooftop garden – is extremely rewarding and a great photo opportunity.

The two closest train stations to reach Higashi Shinagawa Marine Park are Tennozu Isle Train Station (Rinkai Line) and Tennozu Isle (Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line). These two train lines connect up with the Yamanote Train Line. This concerns Osaki Train Station (Rinkai Line) and Hamamatsuchō Train Station (Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line). 

Tennozu Isle is blessed with nice walks by the river and a place to find several restaurants to relax in the main commercial area (small but well designed).

Alternatively, if people desire a long walk before reaching the Higashi Shinagawa roof garden, individuals can travel from Shinagawa Train Station (connected to many train lines) and connect with the waterway system and enjoy watching cormorants, egrets, herons, and ducks on the way. Kingfishers (rarer but sometimes can see) and wading birds are sometimes visible – especially in the breeding season concerning kingfishers at selective spots.

Often, people find the waterway system and return home the long way back via the other two train connections already mentioned that are linked via several bridges – while some eat out before returning from a lovely stress-free break. More eateries are also opening up.



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