Tokyo train attacker had planned outside attack first: Desires the death penalty

Tokyo train attacker had planned outside attack first: Desires the death penalty

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

The 24-year old male behind the recent train attack in Tokyo had contemplated an outside attack in a busy part of the capital city. However, his mind then swayed to another recent train attack in the environs of the Seijogakuen Train Station. Therefore, he changed course and began to attack people with a knife in the vicinity of Kokuryo Train Station.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, they believe the attacker became increasingly agitated after leaving his job in June. It is also believed that the non-Tokyoite had a breakdown in relationships with his friends.

The childish nature of the attacker is witnessed by the fact that he dressed up as the Joker (a character from Batman).

One elderly male was severely injured and rushed to an emergency hospital ward. In total, 17 people were injured to varying degrees – most minor injuries from the ensuing chaos.

The perpetrator said, “I wanted to die. I thought that if I killed two or more people, I would get the death penalty. It didn’t matter who they were.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “Earlier this year, a man stabbed many people on a train in Tokyo because he hated to see women happy. Therefore, like the recent attacker, the lack of immaturity and callowness is astonishing.”

The recent attacker said, “Looking at the Odakyu Line train case in August, I targeted an express train which would have more passengers and used cigarette lighter fluid.”


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