Tokyu Railways serving the Tokyo area wants to hike prices by 12.9 percent

Tokyu Railways serving the Tokyo area wants to hike prices by 12.9 percent

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

The economic coronavirus (Covid-19) convulsions are especially hitting railway companies throughout Japan. This notably concerns the worst-hit areas, for example, Osaka and Tokyo. Hence, Tokyu Railways, a major private operator serving the Tokyo region, seeks to hike prices.

Tokyu Railways is a vital train operator that serves many parts of Tokyo. Lines operated by this company applies to Den-en-toshi Line, Ikegami Line, Oimachi Line, Meguro Line, Setagaya Line, Toyoko Line, and Tokyu Tamagawa Line. They also operate the Kodomonokuni Line under contract with the Yokohama Minatomirai Railway Company concerning Nagatsuta Station to Kodomonokuni Station.

NHK reports, “Executives at Tokyu Railways, one of the biggest private rail operators in the Tokyo area, are seeking government permission to raise their fares. They say the request is due to the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.”

However, with wages static in Japan – and consumption tax increase in recent times to 10 percent – and reduced perks and bonuses related to the coronavirus crisis – the Transport Ministry will need to weigh up many options.

Lee Jay Walker says, “Reports state that Tokyu Railways is seeking to hike rail fares by 12.9 percent because of the decline in passengers concerning the coronavirus crisis. Obviously, other railway companies will be watching events closely. After all, if the green light is given to Tokyu Railways, it is likely that other major operators will appeal to the Transport Ministry.”

The decline in commuter passes for Tokyu Railways is roughly 30 percent – however, the differences for each train line aren’t known by Modern Tokyo Times. Hence, the important role of train operators and the negative economic impact of coronavirus means the government must weigh up many options.

This concerns train operators and end-users – and the likely longevity of the coronavirus.


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