Torrential Rain, Floods, and Landslides hit Northern Kyushu in Japan

Torrential Rain, Floods, and Landslides hit Northern Kyushu in Japan

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The region of northern Kyushu was hit hard by torrential rain that triggered floods and landslides in this part of Japan. It is known that at least 18 people have perished with a further 30 people still declared missing.

Sadly, more heavy rain is forecast to hit northern Kyushu this morning. Hence, local authorities in the worse hit prefectures of Fukuoka and Oita are pleading for people to take appropriate precautions. Similarly, with people caught up in the mayhem, then to seek the sanctuary of shelters and other areas of safety.

Apparently, some of the worse hit areas have had more rain in a few hours than the usual average for the entire month of July. Given this reality, people were ill prepared for the current crisis caused by nature despite earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, and other forces of nature, that bring havoc to Japan.

Reuters reports, Some neighborhoods have been devastated by flooding and landslides, and rescue workers and residents have been picking their way through expanses of broken, water-logged trees, branches and mud.”

Rescue workers are working tenaciously to look for missing people and to safeguard future threats to life – based on the chaos caused by torrential rain. Likewise, attention is being put on assisting over 1,300 citizens who were forced to evacuate from the ensuing floods and mudslides.

One particular case of heartbreak involves the death of Yukari Eto who was still holding her one-year-old son called Yuya. Tragically, Yuya and Yukari’s mother, Reiko Fuchigami, also perished. Yukari was expecting a new child in August.

Photo image from another brutal flood that his Kyushu many decades ago.

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