Tragedy in Serbia: Boy Kills Eight Children and Security Guard

Tragedy in Serbia: Boy Kills Eight Children and Security Guard

Kanako Mita and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

Serbia was hit by tragedy when a young 13-year-old boy began shooting at the teacher and classmates. This tragic event killed eight children and the security guard.

Another six children were also injured in the school attack in Belgrade – along with one teacher.

B92 reports, “The shooting happened at 8:40 a.m. when a seventh-grader opened fire on security and students. Police arrested the attacker, who they said fired several shots, most likely from his father’s gun.” 

N1 broadcaster interviewed several people, including one father called Milan Milosevic. His daughter attends the Vladislav Ribnikar School, where the shooting took place in Belgrade.

According to Milosevic, the boy shot at the teacher first and then began shooting at pupils. His daughter escaped the devasting tragedy.

He continued: “I saw the security guard lying under the table. I saw two girls with blood on their shirts. They say [the shooter] was quiet and a good pupil.”

The Guardian reports, “Milan Nedeljkovic, the local mayor, said doctors were fighting to save the teacher’s life.”

Three injured children were taken to a local hospital in Tirsova for treatment.

It is known that one young child is suffering from a head injury and is undergoing a major operation.

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