Tragic Bus Crash Kills 14 in Japan: Many Young People Perish

Tragic Bus Crash Kills 14 in Japan: Many Young People Perish

Kanako Itamae and Hiroshi Saito

Modern Tokyo Times


Tragedy struck an overnight bus carrying people to a ski resort in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Sadly, what should have been a time of joy ended in tragedy because 14 people perished after the bus crashed within the environment of Karuizawa.

It is known that both drivers, Hiroshi Tsuchiya and Keizo Katsuhara, were killed in the fatal bus crash that killed 14 people and injured 27 individuals. According to information released Hiroshi Tsuchiya was the driver at the time.

Associated Press reports Fire and disaster management officials said the bus veered into the opposite lane near the famous resort town of Karuizawa, in Nagano prefecture, rammed through a guardrail and slid down the mountainside a short distance before coming to a rest on its side against some trees.”

It is too early to say why the tragic accident happened therefore it is essential not to jump to conclusions. In the past, issues related to long working hours have been raised. This is based on several past accidents where drivers had suddenly fallen asleep while driving.

New legal measures were taken after a fatal bus crash killed 7 people in 2012. This past accident happened when people were on their way to visiting Disneyland. Indeed, last year 2 people also perished during another fatal bus crash that also injured many individuals. However, the factors behind the latest tragedy remain unknown.

Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary, commented: “We must thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident so that similar accidents won’t be repeated.”

It is known that many of the people who perished were studying at several universities, indicating the youthful nature of many individuals that perished in this tragic bus accident.

Lee Jay Walker, Modern Tokyo Times, says “One can only imagine the fateful last moments of so many who perished. After all, people on board the bus were all focused on having a fantastic time en route to a beautiful resort for skiing. Then sadly all was lost because of a fatal bus accident. Therefore, one can only imagine the shock and sadness of so many family members and friends.”


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