Transgender Nationals from Pakistan Killed by Police in Saudi Arabia: Why No Pariah Status?

Transgender Nationals from Pakistan Killed by Police in Saudi Arabia: Why No Pariah Status?

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

According to reports in The Express Tribune in Pakistan and other sources including Russia Today, police in Saudi Arabia have killed two transgender nationals from Pakistan. If reports are confirmed, then once more the utter barbarity of Saudi Arabia highlights the complete “phobia” this nation holds to all non-Muslim faiths and people of certain sexual persuasions. Indeed, even mixing freely is a crime in this nation because women from Saudi Arabia must cover up and abide by countless laws based on enormous discrimination.

If any other nation abided by such brutality based on Islamic Sharia law, then they would rightly be condemned and ostracized. Yet, Gulf petrodollars is spreading Salafi Islam far and wide – despite banning all non-Muslim holy places internally in Saudi Arabia – because oil money can buy privilege, silence, and obtain enormous economic contracts. Ironically, businesses that condemn President Donald Trump in America are all too keen to chase money in many deplorable nations including Saudi Arabia, where people face death or prison based on gender persuasion, religious faith, or if females demand greater equality.

The Express Tribune reports, Two transgender persons, both natives of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), died on Tuesday after being subjected to torture allegedly by Saudi police in Riyadh for dressing up as women in public.”

Russia Today says, “Saudi authorities consider any blending of gender roles, including cross-dressing, as varieties of homosexuality, which is criminalized in the theocratic kingdom. Saudi courts have a record of sentencing men to prison terms and flogging for dressing in women’s clothes wearing women’s jewelry.”

Another angle is that foreign nationals from poorer countries in Saudi Arabia face harsher treatment than nationals from more wealthy societies. For example, maids from Indonesia and the Philippines have been beheaded despite certain doubts – or appeals – based on past criminal cases that were far from watertight.

The moralizing United Nations, just like national governments and major international companies including Softbank (to name just one of countless companies), continue to tolerate utter barbarity in Saudi Arabia because they don’t abide by the most common ethical policies. Hence, killing and persecuting people based on gender, sexuality, severe dress and mixing codes, and banning all non-Muslim holy places is tolerated when it comes to Saudi Arabia.

Sadly, the deaths of Amna and Meeno is yet another clear indicator of the reality of modern day Saudi Arabia that is ruled by Islamic Sharia law. After all, it is institutional edicts that persecutes individuals be they transgender, converts to Christianity, or women seeking solely to dress freely.

It is high time to treat Saudi Arabia based on being “a pariah” until real political reforms are implemented. Yet, the politically correct, feminists, capitalists, major economic powers, leading religious figures, and powerful institutions including the United Nations, all turn a blind eye based on a plethora of contradictory factors.

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