Turkey launches airstrikes against the Kurds: friend and foe are bleeding Syria

Turkey launches airstrikes against the Kurds: friend and foe are bleeding Syria

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

NATO Turkey is launching a military push against the United States backed Kurds in Northern Syria. In other words, two major NATO powers are on opposite sides in the intrigues against Syria – and against each other. However, the actions of Turkey under President Erdogan can squarely be put down to NATO ignoring the terrorist and geopolitical ratlines of this nation.

On top of this, NATO ignored the mass imprisonments going on in Turkey under the Sunni Islamist tendencies of Erdogan. At the same time, more Kurdish areas have been bombed by the armed forces of Turkey inside this nation since tensions began to fray once more. Likewise, politicians and writers – and anyone deemed to be an enemy of Erdogan’s objectives – happens to face mass intimidation and prison. Despite this, NATO remains distant towards the authoritarian tendencies of the president of Turkey.

The consequences of ignoring the anti-secular, anti-Alevi, and anti-Kurdish Erdogan is being witnessed once more by the intrigues of this nation against the Kurds in Northern Syria. Reuters reports, Turkey opened a new front in Syria’s war on Saturday, launching airstrikes against a U.S.-backed Kurdish militia in Afrin province that raise the prospect of deeper strains between Ankara and NATO ally Washington.”

Unsurprisingly, the nations of America, Iran, the Russian Federation, and Turkey are all seeking to avoid military confrontations between each other. In other words, it is fine for various Syrian, Kurdish, and international Islamist proxies to die on behalf of all competing nations providing the main powers don’t clash. Hence, Syria is being bled dry by friend and foe because Iran and Turkey have improving ties; similarly, in recent times the Russian Federation and Turkey have signed economic and military deals; and, of course, America and Turkey are part of NATO.

The BBC media group is deeming the latest attack launched by Turkey against the Kurds with being extremely risky. This news agency reports, But the risks are huge – the offensive pits Turkey against its Nato ally the US, which backs the Kurdish militia against IS, infuriating Ankara. Russia, which has troops in the area, has urged restraint – an MP in Moscow says it will be discussed at the UN.”

Ironically, the Kurds and the nation of Syria share a similar problem because it appears that the blood of both doesn’t count based on murky proxy and geopolitical intrigues being pitted by nations that have relatively good relations. This applies to the various objectives of America, Iran, the Russian Federation, Turkey, and several Gulf powers that have various economic and military ties between each other. Hence, the latest attack by Turkey against the Kurds in Northern Syria will witness more tiptoeing between “alleged friends and foes.”

Therefore, the only certainty is that more Syrians and Kurds will die while economic, military, and geopolitical intrigues by “friends and foes” will increase in the shadows of so many dead citizens.



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