Turkey says Russian Federation Notified Syria Prior to Entering: Ankara to Restore Ties?

Turkey says Russian Federation Notified Syria Prior to Entering: Ankara to Restore Ties?

Nuray Lydia Oglu, Takeshi Hasegawa, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim, claims categorically that political elites in Ankara notified the Russian Federation prior to the armed forces of Turkey entering Syria. In turn, the Russian Federation obviously passed on information to Syria and most likely this equally applies to a departure from anti-Syria policies in the near future. This is based on Yildirim insisting that Turkey now seeks to restore ties with the government of Syria.

Al-Monitor reports, Turkey wants to normalize relations with Syria, the prime minister said Friday, confirming a policy shift after years of supporting rebels opposed to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.”

Obviously, the coup in Turkey and other internal developments may imply that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is now focused on cementing power at home while neutralizing tensions with regional nations. In other words, internal power concentration is the main goal after Turkey’s recent debacle with several nations based on the open meddling of political elites in Ankara. Indeed, it may equally mean that important institutions in Turkey – including the armed forces – seek to contain the international adventurism of the leader of this nation based on mutual consent.

The Kurds in northern Syria will be mulling many important issues because currently the expansive – or temporary objective – of Turkey is not fully known. Equally important, if the Russian Federation and Syria were notified – and with NATO saying little, therefore, implying this reality – then Turkey will be constrained by this reality. However, it must be stated that conjecture in all directions was stated by countless think tanks and political players in the past – only for new intrigues to emerge.

Yildirim on television stated, We have normalized our relations with Russia and Israel… Now, God willing, Turkey has taken a serious initiative to normalize relations with Egypt and Syria.”

If Turkey does reach out to Syria based on recent developments between Turkey and the Russian Federation, then clearly this will become a turning point. Of course, it remains to be seen if Turkey will abide by the comments made by the prime minister to the maximum. Despite this, and all the bloodshed and havoc reeked on Syria based on the sectarian intrigues of Turkey, the government of Syria – based on the need to consolidate its power – would still welcome overtures from political elites in Ankara.

Ironically, if Turkey does change its stance, then America will become even more isolated and increasingly humiliated given a fellow NATO member bombing forces backed by America in northern Syria. Alarmingly, for the Kurds of Syria, it may appear that they will become the sacrificial lamb based on being abandoned. However, it may well be that the Russian Federation hopes to contain the Kurdish question in Syria based on greater autonomy – but being fully within the structure of a unified Syria.

It must be stated that conjecture is all too common when it comes to Syria. Therefore, it is hoped that a new direction is in the offing based on cutting off Sunni Islamist ratlines emanating from Turkey. Yet, given the erratic nature of Erdogan in the past – unless he is genuinely weakened by the coup – then the fear is that Turkey may become more adventurist and renege on promises given.



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