Two million Covid-19 deaths internationally and little sign of ending

Two million Covid-19 deaths internationally and little sign of ending

Sawako Utsumi and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times

The grim milestone of two million deaths from coronavirus (Covid-19) occurred in the last few hours. Hence, while hope is being put on vaccines that haven’t been fully trialed for long-term effects – nor is the longevity of each vaccine known – it appears that the deaths will continue to flow.

It is noticeable that some nations seem to be blighted continuously while others are now feeling the full effects of coronavirus deaths. At the same time, new variants are emerging regionally and nationally. Therefore, what began in Wuhan (China) is still an enormous bane for countless nations throughout the world.

The worst-hit nations in terms of deaths are America 397,284, Brazil 207,095, India 151,954, Mexico 136,917, the United Kingdom 86,015 (102,000 where Covid-19 is reported on death certificates), Italy 80,848, and France 69,315. However, some nations, including the Russian Federation, admit that their real death total is much higher.

Of the nations mentioned above, the death ratio of deaths per million is higher in Italy and the United Kingdom rather than America or Brazil. Yet, the binding theme is that horrendously high deaths have occurred and are continuing to flow.

In the last 24 hours, vast numbers of new deaths have been reported. This includes America 3,351, the United Kingdom 1,248, Mexico 1,235, Germany 1,088, Brazil 1,086, South Africa 712, and the Russian Federation 570. Thus, while the vaccine angle is being ramped up in several nations, it is clear that the logistical reality and other factors in poorer nations will take months to resolve.

Overall, it likely that the real death figure is much higher than the grim two million just reached. Hence, this figure will continue to climb for many months to come – if not longer. Similarly, increasing poverty, enormous strains on respective health care systems, and other negative convulsions will continue throughout 2021 for many nations. World coronavirus statistics


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