Typhoon Hagibis in Japan leads to many fatalities, missing people, and mayhem

Typhoon Hagibis in Japan leads to many fatalities, missing people, and mayhem

Kanako Itamae and Chika Mori 

Modern Tokyo Times

It is known that at least 18 people have perished from Typhoon Hagibis that struck Japan. At the same time, 13 people are still missing but this number could increase. Sadly, the final number of fatalities is likely to increase because many remote areas have also been hit.

Once more, while much of the media focused on Tokyo prior to the typhoon hitting Japan, the fatalities were in other parts of the country. Thus, people have perished in Chiba, Fukushima, Gunma, Iwate, Kanagawa, Miyagi, Saitama, and Tochigi. Hence, with roughly 150 people being injured, it seems likely that this figure will increase.

The emergency services are now working tirelessly over many prefectures. For example, in one district of Kawagoe in Saitama, a rescue operation helped 200 people in a nursing home after floods threatened to overwhelm the facility. This happened after floods emerged because of the overflow of the Oppe River.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan is deeply concerned and he promises immediate support. Hence, approximately 27,000 members of the armed forces and rescue workers are working tirelessly to help people across a huge area.

During the height of Typhoon Hagibis, at least 425,000 homes across many prefectures lost power. Equally, water-related issues created many problems. This notably applies to the most vulnerable in society. Similarly, countless infrastructural problems have occurred because of the brutal typhoon.

Reuters reports, The storm, which the government said could be the strongest to hit Tokyo since 1958, brought record-breaking rainfall in many areas, including the popular resort town of Hakone, which was hit with 939.5 mm (37 inches) of rain over 24 hours.”

Overall, the government of Japan, media outlets, and local governments did their utmost to inform people about the typhoon. Thus, in the aftermath of the typhoon, the government of Japan, local agencies, and rescue workers are now working tirelessly to provide ongoing support and assistance.

Abe said, “The government will do everything in its power to cooperate with relevant agencies and operators working to restore services as soon as possible.”


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