U.S. Secretary of State condemns racism: Tillerson says, “We must pursue reconciliation”

U.S. Secretary of State condemns racism: Tillerson says, “We must pursue reconciliation”

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Donald Trump of America faces the reality of heightened tensions from people on both sides of the political divides. On top of this, the mass media, in general, is clearly ramping up endless anti-Russian Federation rhetoric along with questioning his remarks to the maxim on countless issues. Therefore, with tensions being ramped up by comments made about recent events in Charlottesville by Trump, and with the mass media agenda being opposed to Trump, then it seems that some political mechanisms are being put in place to reset the clock.

Rex Tillerson, the U.S. Secretary of State, expressed openly in Washington that fighting racism and pursuing reconciliation are equally needed. After all, in recent times individuals and organizations from various extreme specters are upping the ante.

Tillerson said, “We, too, today should seek to bind up the wounds… We must pursue reconciliation, understanding and respect regardless of skin color, ethnicity or religious or political views.”

He further stated, “Racism is evil; it is antithetical to America’s values. It’s antithetical to the American idea.”

Of course, it remains to be seen if extreme forces on both right and left – or based on ethnic tendencies – along with the politically correct brigade that deems “good and evil” based on over simplification – will heed the calls being made by Tillerson. However, many Republicans that seek a softer approach – or by Republicans that seek to counter the hypocrites from the other main political party, politically correct lobby groups, and anti-Trump media outlets will welcome the words of Tillerson.

Equally important, Tillerson seeks to back up his words by implementing policies that will help minorities become more represented within the State Department. For example, Reuters reports, “He announced a new State Department policy in which at least one candidate for any opening for an ambassador post must be a minority, noting that currently only about 12 percent of U.S. senior foreign service officers are non-white.”

Tillerson also remarked that the State Department must look further than just the traditional elite universities. He equally expressed the need to focus on many black colleges that have a rich history of educating individuals to the highest standards.

Tillerson said, “America’s best and brightest are not just from the Ivy League, but they’re from a lot of other places in the country: Laredo, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Roanoke, Virginia…”

Overall, Tillerson hopes to reset the clock and to reduce an increasingly divisive political agenda that is being espoused by all political extremes. Of course, given the gaps and hatreds that are being espoused then it remains to be seen if reconciliation will have much impact. Despite this, for many Republicans the words of Tillerson will be welcomed given recent heightened tensions over a plethora of issues – providing the door is also opened to individuals at the bottom of the ladder regardless of ethnicity and to the electorate of the Middle Belt who feel betrayed by political elites in Washington. 


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