UK, US, Japan, and NATO supply arms and money for Ukraine to kill Russians: Would they like?

UK, US, Japan, and NATO supply arms and money for Ukraine to kill Russians: Would they like?

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Imagine if citizens and soldiers of NATO nations and Japan were being killed in a war whereby the pro-Russian Federation umbrella began to supply military arms and economic support to their adversaries on a grand scale – would America, Japan, the United Kingdom, and NATO nations like this situation?

This is the reality of what is happening in Russian and Russian-speaking areas of the Donbas region – and to the armed forces of the Russian Federation, who finally responded to endless NATO aggression. How would any single nation sit by year after year and decade after decade and be happy that a 30 nation military bloc is aimed at them?

Since 2014, the Ukrainian armed forces have been killing civilians in the environs of Donbas. This didn’t concern the coalition of nations seeking to destabilize the Russian Federation – economically, militarily, and politically. Therefore, the Western and Japanese media are dehumanizing the Russian Federation -concerning endless propaganda and banning many aspects of Russian culture.

Massacres of Russian civilians and Russian speakers in Donbas have happened since 2014 after the usual Western nations meddled in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

NATO expansion is never-ending, while American bases exist throughout Japan. The armed forces of America utilize the Sea of Japan- and mainland Japan – concerning the Russian Federation: while Japan and the East China Sea and the South China Sea are the priority of America and Japan concerning the containment of China. American military bases are also widespread in South Korea. Thus the Yellow Sea is also aimed at containing China.

America and Japan are also ramping up the Taiwan issue concerning anti-China policies similar to anti-Russian Federation activity. Therefore, from the Russian Far East to the Kuril Islands – to Poland and the Baltic nations – NATO expansion and American bases are in all directions of the Russian Federation.

If you had to pick any nation out in the twentieth and early twenty-first century – even from a neutral perspective – concerning two political parties that have endorsed using nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, dropping Agent Orange on Vietnam, supported Operation Condor where right-wing death squads butchered vast numbers of civilians, Iraq, Libya, and destabilizing Syria – and countless other conflicts, including supporting Indonesia killing over two million people with the support of America and the United Kingdom (killing communists in the 1960s, East Timor, and ongoing in West Papua) then these two political parties are called the Democratic Party and Republican Party.

Unlike NAZI Germany to the Soviet Union – and the ending of the European and Ottoman Empires – the same two political parties in America continuously destabilize vast parts of the world. It matters not that America is blighted by 100,000 overdose deaths in a 12 month period, over 500,000 homeless, major drug problems, high homicide, race-baiting, and a border that isn’t under full control – the political and military elites can’t help but intervene throughout the world.

Modern Tokyo Times recently said – concerning the Barack Obama administration – “The upshot of events in Iraq and Syria – during the Obama period with Biden in cahoots – was the enslavement of the Yazidis, ISIS killing elderly Yazidi women of non-child rearing age, cleansing Christians, persecuting the Shabaks, the butchering of the Shia in Iraq and in neighboring Syria the Alawites would be put in cages by ISIS and many beheaded, killed, or burnt alive.”

The article continued, “Unlike Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope, vast numbers died during his time in office and are still dying today. From massive military arm supplies to Saudi Arabia during the crisis in Yemen – to unleashing horrendous forces from Libya to Syria – Egypt barely escaped.”

Despite all these deaths – similar to past administrations from Agent Orange to supporting the mass killings over many decades in Indonesia – to recent wars in Iraq and Libya – the nations of Europe – now under the umbrella of NATO to Japan – didn’t put economic sanctions on America. Nor was America isolated via a mass media campaign that was inciting daily. Therefore, despite untold numbers of deaths – from children dying from Agent Orange and bombardments in Vietnam – to tortured Iraqis: you had no international outcry from Japan and the current NATO member nations that demanded War Crime tribunals and international economic sanctions.

Equally relevant – European nations and Japan didn’t collectively send military arms and enormous economic support to the nations bombed and destabilized by America. Imagine the public outcry in America if the same nations funded the other side to kill American civilians and soldiers?

Similarly, how would the United Kingdom like it for the deeds of this nation if a collective number of nations supported forces to kill British soldiers and civilians? This concerns the intrigues of the United Kingdom against Iraq, Libya, and Syria in recent times – the same nation supported Indonesia with military arms and intelligence to kill millions over several decades – just like the United Kingdom supported (the United Kingdom supported central forces in Nigeria) the genocide committed against Biafra and involves itself in the Yemen war.

How would Japan like it if a future war emerged between this country – and another country – and then a coalition of nations ganged up and supplied economic and military weapons to kill Japanese civilians and soldiers?

This is what the Russian Federation faces.

Also, unlike America involving itself in distant lands – from Operation Condor to Iraq and Vietnam – the armed forces of the Russian Federation have gone to protect Russians and Russian speakers who have been killed since 2014. Hence, the situation is very different.

China should understand the deeds of America, NATO powers, and Japan. After all, the same collection of forces is building alliances – including with Australia – to contain China.

America to the United Kingdom – and from Canada to Japan -these nations are seeking to destabilize the Russian Federation and isolate this country. They are supplying a collection of military arms, enforcing sanctions, providing economic support to Ukraine, and are seeking to isolate the Russian Federation internationally.

The media from America to Japan is overwhelmingly anti-Russian Federation. Indeed, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is the most anti-Russia leader of this nation to emerge in recent times. Therefore, videos of Russian soldiers being tortured and killed – similar to civilians dying in the Donbas region since 2014 – don’t count.

Hence, the anti-Russian Federation nations are supporting the killings of Russian and Russian speakers in the current war – including the torture of captured soldiers based on the economic and military support provided to such an extent.

One can only imagine the outrage of these nations – from America to Japan – from Canada to Poland – if a collection of nations supported the killings of their civilians and soldiers.

Economic sanctions are aimed at destabilizing the Russian Federation, while vast military arms are sent to Ukraine to prolong the war.

The Russian Federation needs to strengthen itself by utilizing the Kuril Islands (encouraging China’s economic investments and joint military training in this region until Japan seeks a common space between America and the Russian Federation). Also, to strengthen ties with nations that are friendly toward the Russian Federation because statism will only boost the Western and Japan bloc against this nation.

This is at a premium.

The Russian Federation requested for Ukraine to desist from seeking to join NATO – and for NATO nations to stop the militarisation of NATO nations within a set space concerning the geopolitical concerns of this nation. However, the Russian Federation was rebuffed.

Obviously, NATO powers have been training the armed forces of Ukraine in recent years and supplying upgraded weapons. Hence, the conflict today was triggered by NATO expansion – and endless attacks against Russian and Russian-speaking areas of Donbas since 2014 by the armed forces of Ukraine. Therefore, the Russian Federation couldn’t wait until NATO powers swallowed Ukraine to put the final dagger into this country.

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