UN Human Rights Chair given to Saudi Arabia: Non-Muslim Faiths Banned and Child Marriage

UN Human Rights Chair given to Saudi Arabia: Non-Muslim Faiths Banned and Child Marriage

Omar Abdullah Ismail, Hiroshi Saito and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


It is abundantly clear that the United Nations (UN) is anything but being united and similarly it is clear that religious persecution doesn’t enter into the equation to any major degree. After all, many nations in the UN violate the most basic freedoms in relation to religion. Similarly, certain ethnic groups like the Assyrians, Hazara, Karen, Kurds, – and countless others – have been further marginalized because they simply don’t register on the radar. Indeed, the Kurds are caught between Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish nationalism and when nation states begin to fracture like Iraq, then Sunni Islamist zealots like ISIS (Islamic State – IS) kill the mainly Sunni Kurds on the grounds that ISIS deem the Kurds to be apostates. Therefore, an endless cycle of ethnic and religious persecution persists without any address from the UN.

On top of this, in some societies it is clear that females reside in the shadows because families can even murder their own daughters without the fear of facing the law. The terminology for this is “honor killings” but obviously you have no honor in butchering young females. Likewise, in some nations women must be covered up from head to toe or face prison, being whipped and being ostracized. Equally alarming, in some societies little girls of 8 years of age and a little older can be married to older men.

Saudi Arabia

However, despite the endless reality of ethnic discrimination, religious persecution and laws that force women into the shadows, some brazen nations like Saudi Arabia still seek to play an international role because of the hypocrisy of the UN. This reality means that Saudi Arabia, a nation that bans all non-Muslim faiths and allows child marriage, is now to chair an important role within the UN Human Rights Council.

The decision made by the UN highlights not only the political shenanigans of this institution, but it shows that the UN cares zilch for any lofty statements. Indeed, the articles in relation to the UN have just been thrown out of the window once more. In other words if you oppose democracy, support killing Muslim apostates to non-Muslim faiths, allow child marriage of little girls to old men under Islamic Sharia law, whip women for not covering up – and other draconian realities, then it doesn’t matter according to the UN. After all, not only does the UN ignore all of the above that is part and parcel of Saudi Arabia, where even Christian crosses and reading holy Buddhist texts openly equates to prison but the same UN then promotes Saudi Arabia to chair a key UN Human Rights Council.

The timing is made even worse because currently a coalition of nations under Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen to kingdom come. Not only this, but the anti-Shia Muslim element within the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia should alarm the UN. However, it is clear that the UN isn’t concerned therefore indigenous Shia Houthis in Yemen – and forces that oppose the Saudi Arabia diktat – are being bombed daily. The result of this is the destruction of the infrastructure of Yemen and killing of civilians by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, states “Saudi Arabia has arguably the worst record in the world when it comes to religious freedom and women’s rights, and continues to imprison the innocent blogger Raif Badawi.”

The Washington Post reports “Saudi Arabia is having a bad year on the human rights front. In the past few months, the U.S. ally has drawn widespread condemnation for sentencing a blogger to 1,000 lashes with a cane for writing about free speech (only 50 lashes have been delivered so far), and for its plans to execute a young political dissident by beheading him and publicly crucifying his body afterward.”

However, when it comes to powerful nations like America, France, Japan, and the United Kingdom, then banning all non-Muslim faiths, allowing child marriage, punishing women for not covering up and crucifying people isn’t a major concern when it comes to Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it sadly isn’t surprising that the UN also deems the above reality to be of little significance. In other words, the power mechanisms that dictate the world are freely being given carte blanche by the UN therefore what is the purpose of this hypocritical organization?




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