US and Japan affirm Cybersecurity ties: Japan’s non-Northeast Asian fixation and Russia

US and Japan affirm Cybersecurity ties: Japan’s non-Northeast Asian fixation and Russia

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan claims that he desires to solve the protracted territorial dispute with the Russian Federation. Yet, many within the corridors of power in Moscow dispute the sincerity of Japan. Indeed, it was touted that Japan remains non-independent based on its endless reliance on America according to political elites in the Russian Federation. Therefore, the latest agreement between America and Japan in the area of cybersecurity and the fear of a potent cyberattack is merely affirming the endless geopolitical struggle that is aimed at China and the Russian Federation respectively.

Of course, to make matters worse the current President Donald Trump administration in America is not only chaotic in the area of geopolitics but, more alarmingly, certain leading figures are following the usual anti-Russian Federation mantra. Hence, it seems most unlikely that the Russian Federation can trust Japan by agreeing to a serious territorial agreement that suits both nations. After all, Japan sought America to further protect the land of the rising sun that lays bare Abe’s fake narrative toward the Russian Federation.

In other words, despite Japan belonging to Northeast Asia this nation continues to follow in the footsteps of America. Indeed, the endless Washington shadow in Tokyo is now even egging on America to strengthen this dependency. This is clearly detrimental for Japan in its relationship with China and the Russian Federation because the Cold War mentality remains vivid in America based on endless rhetoric.

North Korea sadly remains unpredictable for all nations concerned and tensions on the political front continue to exist between Japan and South Korea. Yet, tensions between Japan and South Korea aren’t so problematic – unlike the North Korea issue that is difficult to predict. However, with Japan being dragged into America’s anti-China and anti-Russian Federation worldview; then Japan could be entangled into a crisis involving the sensitive problem of China and Taiwan relations. Therefore, rather than Japan solving its national security the opposite is happening because Japan is being entangled by the whims of America and internal shortsightedness in the corridors of power in Tokyo.

Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity

On Friday, powerful figures in the administrations of America and Japan further strengthened ties in the area of cyberattacks and cybersecurity. For America, this is aimed at China and the Russian Federation. Indeed, America even stipulated that a cyberattack on Japan might be deemed to be an “armed attack” depending on the severity of the cyberattack.

Mike Pompeo, the United States Secretary of State, stipulated, “The United States and Japan affirmed that international law applies in cyberspace and that a cyberattack could, in certain circumstances, constitute an armed attack under Article 5 of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty.”

Pompeo further stated, “We stressed the need to work together to protect classified information, maintain technological superiority, and preserve our shared defense and economic advantages from theft and exploitation.”

Takeshi Iwaya, the Japan Defense Minister, stipulated, “Not just China, but different countries are pursuing superiority in technologies that back up the capability in new domains such as space and cyber and electromagnetic spectrum.”

He continued, “So, during this 2+2 meeting, we agreed that it is quite important to cooperate in the cross-domain capability building. And this alignment in our direction will be the foundation of our alliance going forward, specifically in the cyberspace.”

Of course, political elites in Moscow understand that “different countries” is mainly implying the Russian Federation. Equally, Iwaya is playing into neo-conservative hands in America and this will go down negatively in the security ministries based in Moscow.

Stars and Stripes reports, “The United States is obligated under Article 5 to help Japan defend its territories in the case of an armed attack. The issue of mutual defense has been in the forefront in recent years as China and Japan routinely clash over sovereignty of the Senkaku Islands, a group of uninhabited isles in the East China Sea west of Okinawa.”

Patrick Shanahan, the acting United States Defense Secretary, reiterated that America is deeply concerned by the progress of China and the Russian Federation in the area of cross-domain operations. This applies notably to outer space, cyberspace, the electromagnetic spectrum related to jamming systems, and other areas related to electronic warfare.

Shanahan stated bluntly, We are not sitting back while our Chinese and Russian counterparts or competitors aim to disrupt and weaponize them.”

Overall, Japan is once more proofing to nations in Asia that this nation relies on the Western meddling powers of America, France, and the United Kingdom when it comes to the security of the South China Sea. Of course, America is the cornerstone of the national security of Japan. However, in recent times both France and the United Kingdom have been wagging their respective tails in the South China Sea and Indo-Pacific region that is welcomed in Japan. This applies to the freedom of navigation, NATO intrigues in Europe, and other important areas that overlap with containment policies aimed at China and the Russian Federation respectively – from Ukraine to the South China Sea. Therefore, the respective powers of China and the Russian Federation fully understand that Japan is supporting the old ways of Western encroachment; rather than solving protracted problems with China and the Russian Federation and belonging to Northeast Asia.


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