US Deep State: Biden and Harris in awful gaffes

US Deep State: Biden and Harris in awful gaffes

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The administration of President Joe Biden is extremely war-mongering while also sowing endless internal divisions at home concerning race-baiting and gender confusion. More critical, Biden recently was seen looking for a dead person – and Vice President Kamala Harris praised the deep alliance with North Korea. Therefore, why aren’t the supporters of the Democratic Party calling out the apparent Deep State?

Harris said, “The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea… It is an alliance that is strong and enduring.” 

It is bad enough that Biden is struggling with his cognitive area. Yet, when the Vice President is inadequate and can’t even distinguish between South Korea and North Korea – then what is happening?

USA Today reports, “Harris’ gaffe came one day after President Joe Biden made a slip-up as well when he asked in a speech whether late Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., was in attendance. Walorski died in a car wreck in August.”

Biden – despite the death of Walorski – called out to her recently. He said, “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? I didn’t think she was — she wasn’t going to be here.”

It is alarming that the Biden administration is pumping Ukraine with tens of billions of military arms – and threatening China concerning Taiwan. Economic sanctions are also destabilizing many parts of the world that were encouraged by the Biden administration. Therefore, why aren’t Democratic Party voters – and international nations – not calling out the current Deep State in America?

Unelected individuals in the Democratic Party utilized the broad appeal of Biden before he was elected. They fully understood that Biden was struggling with his cognitive ability – thus a control mechanism was already in place to enact America’s containment policy aimed at China and was focused on destabilizing the Russian Federation.

In America, race-baiting and gender confusion policies are dividing America further. Thus why isn’t the Deep State being questioned in America?

It is nigh impossible to be led by a person looking for a dead person – while the Vice President praises the alliance with North Korea. What is going on?

The world is still coming to terms with the economic convulsions of the coronavirus crisis. However, the Biden administration is supporting the war in Ukraine – and the Donbass (Donbas) region – to the tune of tens of billions in military arms – while economic sanctions are increasing international poverty. Therefore, the current Biden administration is antagonizing two nuclear powers to an extreme – while increasing economic convulsions at a time of weakness concerning the coronavirus crisis.

Yet, with Biden struggling with his health and Harris being inadequate. Then who is ruling the Deep State within the Democratic Party that incites internally and externally?


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