US is losing Jordan to the reality of Syria under President Bashar al-Assad

US is losing Jordan to the reality of Syria under President Bashar al-Assad

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Jordan is finally waking up to the reality of supporting the geographic integrity of Syria. Of course, this reality is based on the changing sands throughout the region. After all, sectarianism and Takfiri barbarity is on the rise again in Iraq based on the destabilization of Syria and the estranged policies of the Obama administration in America. Similarly, the armed forces of Syria and allies like Hezbollah are not for changing because Takfiri barbarians threaten the entire mosaic of the Levant. Therefore, part of Obama’s wishful thinking and other ratlines by the United Kingdom are all biting the dust in Jordan. This reality means that political elites in Jordan now fear the geopolitical nightmare being supported by Gulf and NATO powers.

At the same time, Jordan fully understands that Iraq and Syria face being dismembered by forces that will endanger Jordan in the long-term. On top of this, in Syria – and not in Iraq – it is clear that the armed forces of Syria and the political situation is much more stable now than at anytime during the last three years. In other words, all roads in Jordan favor the survival of Syria given the growing Takfiri threat in Iraq. Also, given the brutality of so-called opposition forces – often a mixture of terrorists, sectarians, mercenaries, Takfiris and covert operatives – then only the current Syrian government is a functioning reality based on the mosaic of Syria.

Since the crisis erupted in Syria based on outside nations and terrorist organizations being given the green light by major NATO and Gulf powers, the nation of Jordan did play a murky role. It is true to say that Jordan didn’t show its hand so clearly unlike America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Despite this, Jordan did allow agencies like the CIA, DGSE and MI6 – alongside anti-Syrian agencies throughout the region – to train sectarian and terrorist forces against the government of Syria. However, while external forces still have certain leverages in Jordan, it does appear that Jordan is now focused on “realism” and preserving “nation states” from the threat of Takfiri forces.

Recently, Mohammad al-Momani, the Information Minister of Jordan, commented that Jordan “was not interested in training Syrian opposition forces on its territory.”

This statement will be welcomed in Syria because clearly Jordan did align itself with Gulf and NATO powers against the government of President Bashar al-Assad. Irrespective of the real motives behind this changed policy in Jordan, it is apparent that events in Iraq is hitting home.

Al Monitor reports: Another reason for Jordan to be wary is the obvious failure of the Obama administration to handle regional crises not only in Syria but in Iraq and Egypt, along with its controversial rapprochement with Iran. Former Chief of the Royal Court Adnan Abu Odeh told Al-Monitor that Jordan is now neutral on the Syrian issue and is concentrating on humanitarian efforts while protecting its borders. He said that if Jordan was involved in covert operations in the past, that chapter is now closed because of worries about Syria’s territorial integrity.”

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated: “Jordan also faces a major Islamist problem therefore the intrigues of nations like America, France, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom are causing enormous shockwaves. Saudi Arabia is the odd one out when it applies to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt because the elites in Riyadh are worried about this organization. However, all the above nations have supported sectarian and Takfiri forces by stealth against the secular nation of Syria. Also, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, the other nations clearly favored the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist agenda in Egypt. Therefore, Jordan should be worried about the meddling of outside nations. After all, the sizeable Palestinian community in Jordan; the growing menace of various sectarian and terrorist forces in Syria based on the funding and intrigues of outside nations; and the tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the region are all negative forces for the nation of Jordan.”

“John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, is not only a threat to the sovereignty of Syria based on his political shenanigans but he is also a threat to Jordan. Of course, Syria is bleeding badly because Gulf and NATO powers have tried to manipulate terrorists, sectarians, and mercenaries, in order to destroy independent Syria. However, now Kerry is also intent on sidelining Jordan and threatening the independence of this nation based on America’s desire to create “a just Washington peace,” in relation to the perennial Israel and Palestinian issue.”

Jordan is still open to manipulation by America, Saudi Arabia and major pressure from the United Kingdom. However, the financial factor may be too late because Jordan fears being engulfed by the current regional dynamics. The shifting sands in Iraq and the strengthening of central forces in Syria – alongside the intrigues of America into the internal affairs of Jordan based on the Palestinian issue – means that political elites in Jordan fear greater destabilization.


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