US warmongering under Biden: Lend-Lease and Russia (China and Japan)

US warmongering under Biden: Lend-Lease and Russia (China and Japan)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Biden of America served under Barack Obama. Hence, similar to the Obama administration going to war in Libya and supporting the crisis in Syria and Yemen: Biden is spending vast sums to boost Ukrainian nationalists and create a bloodbath in this conflict. Obama did the same in Syria – not enough for either side to win but enough military and terrorist ratlines via NATO Turkey to weaken Syria for the foreseeable future.

At home, Biden and Obama spin the pro-LGBT agenda to taking the knee for Black Lives Matter – and endless policies that support gender confusion. However, just like Obama destabilIsed Libya – and weakened Syria and Yemen – the Biden administration is instigating and taking the conflict in Ukraine and the Donbas region to a higher level.

Donald Trump – often vilified and hated by the politically correct media – didn’t involve America in a major conflict. Hence, the administration of Biden is “war and play it again warmongering Sam.”

Biden isn’t concerned about the ongoing opioid crisis. Yes, 106,000 overdose deaths in the last 12 months. However, it isn’t at the top of the agenda. Nor are the Democrats or Republicans too concerned about half a million homeless people – or fixing the border. Instead, unlike the Trump administration, the warmongers are in power (George Bush junior, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, four presidents involved in Vietnam and Agent Orange – several presidents involved in Operation Condor in South America).

The Lend-Lease program means that America will spend approximately $47 billion dollars to boost nationalist forces in Ukraine. Russians and Russian speakers who are pro-Russian Federation in the Donbas region – and other parts of the country – have been expendable since 2014.

China – witnessing what G-7 and European Union nations (EU) are doing with the economic assets of the Russian Federation – should seriously think about pulling large amounts of their holdings out of the same nations. After all, the same G-7 nations – with the one wagging Washington nation in Asia (Japan) – are laying the same foundations for what is happening in Ukraine and the Donbas region concerning Taiwan and containing China.

Unlike America using Agent Orange against Vietnam or creating failed states from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya in distant lands – the Russians are not separate from where the armed forces of this nation seek to protect Russians and non-Russian speakers who fear Ukrainian nationalism.

President Vladimir Putin said, “There, on that land, in Korsun and Kherson, Prince Vladimir and his troops took baptism. This means that this is a sacred place, the center of our spiritual unity, which eventually formed the basis of the Russian nation and an integral centralized Russian state.”

Putin continued, “it is a very important place for our heart and soul… In 1853-1856 during an invasion by foreign hordes – and in 1941-1945 during the war with Nazi Germany – every inch of that soil was soaked with the blood of Russian and Soviet soldiers.”

Ironically, G-7 nations support the Soviet Union’s angle because it was the Communist Party that took Crimea from Russia and gave it to Ukraine in the 1950s.

America – making the most of NATO encroachment on the Russian Federation and instigating the bloodshed – along with the United Kingdom – while Japan spreads anti-Russia propaganda under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida – is now upping the ante and is basically using Ukrainian forces to weaken the Russian Federation. Therefore, political elites in Moscow need to counter this threat and start to push back against NATO, Washington intrigues, the EU, and Japan.

China also needs to focus on the economic angle. After all, G-7 and EU nations seek to hold the Russian Federation to ransom regarding the freezing of assets, economic sanctions, reducing the energy dynamic of this nation, and other underhanded economic means.

America – and nations from Japan to the United Kingdom – continue to take hostile actions against the Russian Federation (and with China in the same mirror). Hence, the Russian Federation needs to push back against these hostile nations in various ways. Therefore, if bloodshed reaches further into Ukraine, this will be because of the actions of various NATO powers and the one anti-Russia nation in Asia (Japan).


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