Visegrad Unity Needed after Luxembourg Tirade against Hungary: Sunni Takfiris and Genuine Refugees

Visegrad Unity Needed after Luxembourg Tirade against Hungary: Sunni Takfiris and Genuine Refugees

Murad Makhmudov, Noriko Watanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


In Hungary children currently can go to school without the fear of terrorism unlike the parallel reality of modern day France. Indeed, even religious buildings now in France need to be guarded because of endless Sunni Islamist immigration and the usurpation deeds of Gulf petrodollars. On top of this, you have other countless issues in relation to genuine refugees being put on the backburner because of Chancellor Merkel, the leader of Germany, and her open door migration policy.

Indeed, religious minorities are now feeling the Sunni Islamist Takfiri backlash and this applies to an Ahmadiyya Muslim being killed in Scotland by a Sunni Islamist, open abuse against Shia Muslims in parts of London, and many Jews now reside in fear in parts of France, for example in Marseilles. At the same time, Sunni Islamists have been openly killing all and sundry in Nice and Paris, and the same virus is killing in Belgium and Germany. However, despite this, the Gates of Europe are open like no time in history since the threat of the Ottoman Empire that enslaved, enforced jizya, and codified laws based on dhimmi status of non-Muslims.

In Germany, the shocking reality is that Christian and Yazidi refugees even don’t feel free from Sunni Islamist persecution. Modern Tokyo Times in a past article said, Open Doors Germany, and others, continuously report attacks and open discrimination against Christians and other non-Muslim minorities including the Yazidis in various refugee/economic migrant housing centers. The perpetrators in these centers are Sunni Muslim refugees/economic migrants and security personnel from the same faith group in Germany. Of course, this isn’t surprising given the fact that genuine non-Muslim and minority Muslim communities like the Ahmadiyya and Alawites are fleeing Sunni Islamist persecution. Therefore, the only surprise is why enormous Sunni Muslim migration is being tolerated given the fact that you have many majority Sunni Muslim nations.”

Sadly, for Muslim minorities alike, including the Ahmadiyya, Alawites, Alevi, and the Shia, these various Muslim minority groups that need support are now being unjustly lumped together. At the same time, indigenous Sunni Islam is increasingly facing the wrath of Sunni Salafi Islam but unlike the other minority Muslim groups, they have over 40 Sunni Muslim majority nations to turn to. In other words, Europe must focus on refugees that need protection because they have limited options, for example, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Alawites in Syria, Yazidis in Iraq, and so forth, all need help.

Instead, Germany under Merkel and other European nations including Belgium and Holland keep on taking in Sunni Muslims from non-conflict nations like Morocco – the consequences are now starting to hit home in these European nations. Hence, growing tensions in some major cities, increasing demands for further Sunni Islamization based on the erosion of indigenous culture, the growing menace of Sunni Islamist Takfiri terrorism – culminating in the brutal murder of a Catholic priest inside a Christian church in modern day France.

At the same time, the sight of boats full of mainly male African and Middle Eastern migrants notes clearly that something is wrong. After all, if genuine refugees, then why isn’t the sexual ratio more even and what about the generational differences – for example, the most vulnerable in war, the elderly, seem like a minor percentage. These realities, and internal issues in Europe in relation to unemployment, growing alienation of indigenous communities, endless political correctness that is tolerating things like female mutilation – and other major factors, mean that divisions are growing throughout Europe.

Hence, the four nations of Visegrad that applies to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, are now fighting back because they seek to preserve European culture and identity. Similarly, signs are that many in Austria are now also looking to the Visegrad group in order to preserve areas of sovereignty within the European Union – and to block the endless flow of immigration based on the intrigues of Merkel in Germany and the aloofness of nations like Greece and Italy.


Hungary – rather than being supported – was sternly rebuked by the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg (Jean Asselborn). He said, “Anyone, like Hungary, who builds fences against war refugees or breaches press freedom and the independence of the justice system should be temporarily, or if needed, forever excluded from the EU.”

Of course, the comment by Asselborn is based on his own version of reality. Instead, it is abundantly clear that vast numbers are mainly male and economic migrants. For example, when many German ladies were sexually assaulted in Cologne it turned out that many of the individuals involved had entered Germany from non-war zones. Similarly, countless images showing mainly male economic migrants entering via Greece and Italy, and other routes, highlight the sham of Asselborn and Merkel. Likewise, the Shia suffer enormous persecution in Afghanistan – just like the Ahmadiyya, Christians, Hindus, and Shia, face enormous persecution in Pakistan. Despite this, economic migrants from these two nations are overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim who also have a host of Sunni Muslim nations to turn to (also, Sunni Muslims in Pakistan are not being persecuted based on faith – hence, not refugees). This example – and countless others – shame the deeds of Merkel and comments being made by Asselborn.

It is time for Visegrad nations to bring in other countries that support the motives and ideals of this pro-European block. This notably applies to Austria but also much further afield, for example, relations should be further developed with Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Slovenia. After all, unlike the self-interested political correct brigade that is causing internal mayhem that led to the United Kingdom leaving (immigration, sovereignty, legal issues, and other factors), it is high time for Merkel to change course and the same applies to Asselborn because the future of Europe is at stake. Similarly, the future of genuine refugees needing support is at stake based on the callowness of individuals like Merkel who is making it worse for all involved – this applies to the indigenous and genuine refugees who can’t find space because of so many economic migrants.

The Visegrad Group released a statement several months ago calling for a union of trust and action. Sections of this statement in relation to the European Union said, “We can never succeed unless we create a genuine Union of trust. Trust needs to be revived on all levels. The genuine concerns of our citizens need to be better reflected. National parliaments have to be heard. The institutions of the European Union need to stick to their missions and mandates. Trust also needs to be fostered among (the) Member States, starting with overcoming the artificial and unnecessary dividing lines we have seen emerging in past few months.”

Visegrad nations further stated, “Instead of endless theoretical debates on “more Europe” or “less Europe” we need to focus on “better Europe”. The Union should focus on practical restart of convergence. We should, therefore, make sure the Union uses the key instruments to this end: cohesion, boosting investment, supporting innovation, completing the digital and energy single market, promoting free trade and free movement, and strengthening a resilient labor market bringing sustainable jobs.”

Visegrad nations must remain strong because the political discourse of mass manipulation of language will be aimed at sowing divisions in Visegrad. Therefore, these nations must remain vigilant while also reaching out to regional nations.


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