World Bank provides an emergency loan to Myanmar to shore up its coronavirus preparations

World Bank provides an emergency loan to Myanmar to shore up its coronavirus preparations

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Myanmar procured an emergency loan from the World Bank. This is to help the nation in its fight against coronavirus (Covid-19). At the moment, death from coronavirus remains low with five fatalities. However, with confirmed cases of 119 – and increasing from April 10 – then the loan will help to boost the health care system.

In total, the loan amounts to US$50 million dollars. Hopefully, individual nations will equally assist Myanmar. After all, despite the complex situation on the ground, the nation is democratizing despite the internal and external realities that remain.

The main focus of the emergency loan is to shore up the health care system of Myanmar. Thus, the loan is aimed at increasing intensive care units at specified hospitals and other essential areas.

Yangon is of great concern because the vast majority of known coronavirus cases have been reported in this city. The loan can’t paper over the cracks of endless lack of investment in the public health care system. Nor can other important issues be addressed including the shortage of doctors throughout the country. Yet, the government of Myanmar appreciates the loan.

The loan will cover both central-level and state-level regional hospitals throughout the country. In total, 43 regional and state-level hospitals will be assisted and 8 hospitals at the central-level.

Targets will cover areas of high risk, high-density areas, and regions known for migration. Equally important, the World Bank is stressing that the loan will work alongside the 2015 Myanmar Essential Health Services Access Project.

Other areas covered include increase awareness, testing, and helping frontline health workers.


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