Yugoslavia to Syria and Migration: Russia is Fed Up with Gulf States and NATO Powers

Yugoslavia to Syria and Migration: Russia is Fed Up with Gulf States and NATO Powers

Murad Makhmudov, Michiyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The ineptitude of the Obama administration in America knows no boundaries when it comes to foreign policy. In truth, this is following on from past administrations in this nation when it comes to the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. However, unlike past administrations that set in motion destabilization policies, it is clear that the Obama administration is turning America into a laughing stock because even allies are confused. Therefore, President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation is intent on finally trying to tackle the crisis of Syria head on.

Given this reality, the twin agenda of the Russian Federation applies to focusing on the growing menace of international terrorism and preventing another failed state based on the brutal deeds of Gulf and NATO powers against the government of Syria. Of course, other important areas also exist but these two areas are of major importance. Indeed, if you look at the migrant crisis in Europe and the Middle East then it is clear that America and the allies of this nation are overwhelmingly responsible.

In Afghanistan in the 1980s and early 1990s the nations of America, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom – and other Gulf states – all supported and funded international terrorism. It was these nations that gave rise to al-Qaeda, the Taliban (especially applies to Pakistan) and various other Sunni Islamist sectarian terrorist groups.

Former Yugoslavia and Kosovo

Following on from Afghanistan was the former Yugoslavia whereby Germany and other European nations recognized the dismemberment of this nation state too quickly. Given the terrible legacy of Croatian Fascism in World War Two and Bosnian Muslim SS Units that butchered Serbian Orthodox Christians – not to mention the convulsions emanating from the Ottoman Empire and brutal deeds of Austria – then clearly Yugoslavia needed help and support in solving the crisis. However, the opposite happened and in time America, Iran, Turkey, and many Muslim nations, all sided with al-Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist forces based on the Muslim Brotherhood dreams of Alija Izetbegovic in Bosnia.

The result of destabilizing Yugoslavia so quickly was massacres on all sides in Bosnia and Croatia (Serbian Krajina). Similarly, the ratlines of outside nations including the axis of political elites in Ankara, Tehran and Washington – and many others – all enabled al-Qaeda and other international jihadists to enter Bosnia. Also, images survive that clearly show the United Nations (UN) assisting terrorists in their vehicles in Bosnia. On top of this, the military embargo was manipulated by America, Iran, Turkey, and many others, therefore the military build up of the armed forces of Croatia, the Bosnian Muslims and international jihadists all took place because of various anti-Serbian nations and the utilization of the UN.

Not surprisingly, the crisis in Kosovo witnessed similar intrigues and like usual the media war played a powerful role. Likewise, the humanitarian angle was manipulated to the full. The outcome, just like the cleansing of Christians in Iraq and Syria after the meddling of NATO and Gulf powers, was the mass exodus of indigenous Orthodox Christians in Kosovo. Gypsies also became the target of Albanian nationalists and in time it became known that Serbs had been butchered for their body organs.

The upshot of the quick dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia was ethnic and religious massacres, massive migration to other European nations, the destruction of Orthodox Christianity in Kosovo, mass poverty, the reliance of international aid in Kosovo under Albanian Kosovo rule (similar issues in Bosnian Muslim and Croat areas) and an array of other important factors. Indeed, these convulsions are still creating mass migration in modern times because areas including Kosovo are blighted by poverty and corruption. At the same time, Macedonia remains deeply divided in 2015, any moderation of Kosovo Albanian politicians towards Orthodox Christian Serbs leads to demonstrations – and Islamist jihadists throughout the Balkans are going to Iraq and Syria. Also, Bosnia remains divided internally (Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Catholic Croat area) and is an economic basket case. Likewise, the Bosnian Serbs suffer international discrimination in their controlled parts of Bosnia.

Another convulsion from the wars in the Balkans is the international jihadist ratlines that emanated from the intrigues of nations like America, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and many others. After all, the German Islamist cell involved in September 11 gained from the Bosnian crisis and the same applies to others. In time, this reality meant that the brutal terrorist attacks in Madrid and September 11 in America (and other terrorist attacks) both had a connection with the Bosnian Muslim venture. Of course, the American administration under President Obama, Turkey under President Erdogan, and an array of Sunni sectarian terrorist groups, have all tried to manipulate the Balkan Islamist Muslim connection in order to defeat the secular government of Syria.

Libya, Iraq and Syria

The destabilization of Iraq, Libya and Syria witnessed the growth of al-Qaeda and in recent times the same applies to the menace of ISIS (Islamic State – IS). In other words, all the main secular powers were attacked by an array of different policies emanating within powerful Gulf and NATO powers. With regards to Libya and Syria, then clearly various Gulf and NATO powers are either in bed with various Sunni Takfiri Islamist forces – or they have similar objectives in the short-term. Of course, each nation will have different long-term priorities but this is of little concern for the vast numbers that have been killed or maimed (and continue to die in Iraq, Libya and Syria).

At the same time, religious minorities are still being cleansed and killed in Iraq and Syria by various forces based on the destabilization policies of major Gulf and NATO powers. While in Libya the sectarian ISIS terrorist group is openly beheading Christian migrants on beaches and threatening the entire Coptic Orthodox Christian community in this nation. In other words the demise of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya – and Saddam Hussein in Iraq – have unleashed vacuums that can’t be contained. Equally disturbing, the Obama administration, Erdogan of Turkey and various Gulf powers have destabilized Iraq for a second time based on the need to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. On top of this, while Libya was still bleeding and being torn apart, various Gulf and NATO powers still utilized Libya in order to destabilize Syria and this applies to the flow of military arms and terrorists. The final international jihadist conduit in this complex web of deceit is NATO Turkey based on geopolitical realities and the policies of Erdogan.

Not surprisingly, the brutal deeds of major NATO and Gulf powers in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, is untold numbers of internal refugees, enormous waves of migration, vast numbers of people killed, daily terrorism, the enslavement of Christians and Yazidis by ISIS, brutal sectarianism, enormous poverty, failed states and the cleansing of religious groups including Alawite Muslims (Syria), Christians (Iraq and Syria), Shabaks (Iraq), Yazidis (Iraq) and others. At the same time, ISIS and other Sunni Takfiri terrorist groups have butchered the Shia in vast numbers. Indeed, Shia Muslims are even butchered in mosques in Iraq and the same is increasingly happening in Yemen because of the intrigues of Gulf powers in this nation.

Russian Federation and Syria

Moving the clock forward to the middle of 2015 then clearly the migration crisis, brutality of ISIS and Nusra (and other terrorist sectarian groups), enslavement of religious minorities by Sunni Takfiris, growing economic poverty, and other important factors, means that the Russian Federation is seeking a solution to the crisis in Syria and much further afield. The patience of the Russian Federation appears to be over because clearly America, Turkey and various Gulf powers are all enacting policies that are enabling the crisis to continue. Indeed, Turkey is more concerned about the Kurds than ISIS and the sole policy of Erdogan towards Syria is merely aimed at overthrowing the government of this nation. Likewise, Qatar and Saudi Arabia (at loggerheads over the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya) support various brutal sectarian terrorist groups while clashing in others parts of the Middle East and North Africa. Therefore, the blood keeps flowing and migrants keep fleeing Libya, Iraq and Syria.

In other words, powerful Gulf and NATO powers (and Pakistan in Afghanistan) have merely destabilized nations while providing no solutions to complex realities. Vacuums that emerged have been entered by sectarianism, Takfiri indoctrination, cleansing of minorities, enforcing women into the shadows – and other brutal realities. Given this reality, political elites in Moscow seek to shore up Syria because the consequences of another failed state will be horrendous. Also, just like Afghanistan, Libya and parts of northern Pakistan became a training ground for an array of Sunni Takfiri terrorist groups based on the meddling of Western and Muslim powers, then the Russian Federation fears that Syria will be utilized in order to spread mayhem in the Caucasus region.

It is time for the international community to stand up to the usual nations that keep on destabilizing so many countries. Indeed, the migrant crisis is clearly linked to these nations sowing the seeds of mayhem and hatred in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Iraq and Syria. This in turn led to negative knock on effects related to growing terrorism and dangerous internal issues for the nations of Egypt, Mali, Pakistan (self induced), Tunisia, and other regional nations. Therefore, the Russian Federation is now taking stronger action in Syria and appealing to the international community to wake up to past misdeeds and to focus on regional stability.


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