Zimbabwe to re-instate Emmerson Mnangagwa and dismiss President Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe to re-instate Emmerson Mnangagwa and dismiss President Robert Mugabe 

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

According to various sources, the ruling Zanu-PF will reinstate the sacked Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, in a further snub aimed at eroding the power of President Robert Mugabe. Since the military moved-in and seized the chains of power the situation remains unclear based on the limited approach taken by the armed forces. In a sense, it seems that the military is hoping for a peaceful internal Zanu-PF transition based on Mugabe acknowledging the need to step down.

However, with each passing day, other forces opposed to Mugabe may enter the vacuum and this is what the army is worried about. Hence, the army and politicians within the ruling Zanu-PF are hoping that Mugabe understands that this is his chance to step down amicably before events get out of control. Equally, if Mugabe hopes to protect himself from forces that may seek to imprison him, then it is in the interest of the entourage of Mugabe to make a deal with the ruling Zanu-PF. After all, if genuine opposition forces enter the vacuum then Mugabe and cronies close to him could face severe consequences.

Reuters reports, Mugabe’s 37-year rule has been effectively at an end since the army seized control on Wednesday, confining him to his residence, saying it wanted to target the “criminals” around him.” 

Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader to the rule of Mugabe, addressed fellow nationals outside the State House. Of course, this is what the military fears and is why many Zanu-PF politicians are turning against Mugabe. They know that while the situation is still in the hands of Zanu-PF and the army, that this may be challenged in the coming days and weeks if a vacuum is opened.

In other words, while large crowds are focused on directing their anger towards Mugabe – and his wife Grace Mugabe – this will likely swell to real political change. If the ruling party Zanu-PF seeks to preserve its dominance then Mugabe needs to be pushed out. Otherwise, the ensuing stalemate along with uncertainty will likely lead to a push towards a transitional government.

The ruling Zanu-PF is sensing the need to oust Mugabe in order to protect itself and maintain a controlled transition. Hence, the BBC reports about the internal political situation within this party. This media source says, At least eight out of 10 regional branches voted on Friday for Mr Mugabe to resign as president and party secretary. Several regional leaders appeared on TV saying he should step down, Grace Mugabe should resign from the party and Mr Mnangagwa should be reinstated to the central committee.”

At the moment the situation still remains unclear based on the approach being taken by the armed forces. On top of this, some demonstrations seem rather stage-managed, while other demonstrations seem more genuine. Therefore, regional nations – just like the majority of Zimbabweans – are following events closely and waiting to respond to the changing sands.



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