ADF Islamists Kill Many in the DRC: Killing Christians

ADF Islamists Kill Many in the DRC: Killing Christians

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) is a brutal Islamist terrorist group – that originated in Uganada. However, like the latest massacre, this Islamist group mainly murders people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

At least 26 people were killed in Ochia in the plagued-ridden area of eastern DRC.

Voice of America reports, “Uganda and Congo launched a joint military operation two years ago to try to root out the insurgents. Uganda’s army said last month it had succeeded in killing more than 560 fighters and destroying some of their camps.”

ADF Islamist attacks against Christians are all too common. Recent attacks (too many to mention) include a massacre in the village of Mukondi village (North Kivu). In this massacre, ADF Islamists used knives and guns while destroying homes.

A Christian church leader in Butembo (Mulinde Esemo) said Christians were being slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in the DRC – like people butcher animals. 

Mulinde Esemo said, “We are living in a very tense situation here in Eastern DRC, both in towns and in the villages. Scores of believers have been killed in cold blood by the ADF rebels. It is a massacre like one killing animals.” 

Sunni Islamists internationally are enslaving the Yazidis, butchering Christians (DRC, Nigeria, and other nations), killing the Shia, killing Jews, and persecuting Buddhists (Southern Thailand) and Hindus (Bangladesh and Pakistan).

In Europe, Sunni Islamist attacks occur because of the politically correct mass immigration policies of certain European nations where Islamists utilize weakness.

The ADF pledges loyalty to ISIS (Islamic State – IS) in the DRC. Henceforth, Christians have been burnt alive and hacked to death by machetes – and other brutal ADF methods of killing innocent civilians.

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