Afghanistan Police Kill Protesters who lambast the Government, Taliban, and Pakistan

Afghanistan Police Kill Protesters who lambast the Government, Taliban, and Pakistan

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

After a barbaric terrorist attack killed vast numbers of people in the capital of Afghanistan, people not surprisingly demonstrated against the endless cycle of violence. Demonstrators lambasted the government of Afghanistan, the Taliban, and the role of Pakistan in supporting terrorism and intrigues against this nation.

Not surprisingly, the same forces that can’t protect people from terrorism soon found the way to kill innocent demonstrators who can’t take much more. This is the sad reality of Afghanistan and the same applies to Sunni Islamist terrorists who kill on a regular basis. In other words, a wealthy and corrupt elite is gaining at the expense of the people of this nation, while Sunni Islamist Takfiris and the intrigues of Pakistan continue to spread mayhem.

In recent months more attacks are occurring in Kabul and the situation in other parts of Afghanistan is witnessing further deterioration. On top of this, Shia Muslims are increasingly being targeted once more by Sunni Islamist Takfiris.

According to reports, at least five people were shot dead by the police in Kabul for merely protesting against an inefficient and aloof government. Some sources put the death total to be seven. Irrespective of the final death toll, it is clear that security forces were trigger happy to kill ordinary Afghan nationals while failing to protect civilians from terrorism in the same capital.

It is known that a sizeable crowd expressed its anger towards the government, the Taliban, and Pakistan after a recent Sunni Islamist terrorist attack killed approximately ninety people. This anti-Taliban and anti-government demonstration was met by the brutal force of the state apparatus of this nation. Hence, this merely confirms to people that both sides of the spectrum view ordinary citizens with disdain.

Reuters reports, The violence, fueled by public anger over the inability of President Ashraf Ghani’s divided government to ensure security in Kabul, has exacerbated political tensions between rival factions, and Ghani issued a call for unity.”

Nawaz Hafizi, an English teacher based in Kabul, told the BBC “The government is sleeping. All their families are living abroad, relaxing. It’s only the poor people here who are killed, no-one else.”

Meanwhile, the government of Afghanistan and the intelligence network of this nation are pinpointing the brutal terrorist attack on the intrigues of Pakistan. In other words, the Haqqani terrorist network is being blamed for the terrorist attack that killed approximately ninety people.

The BBC reports that another individual angered by terrorism also lambasted Pakistan. This person said, “The ISI [Pakistan’s intelligence service] are sending suicide attackers here… Pakistan has looted our country for years.”

Overall, Sunni Islamist indoctrination, political corruption, narcotics, sectarianism, terrorism, the intrigues of Pakistan, and other terrible ills that beset this nation, blights the people of Afghanistan. Indeed, since the overthrow of Mohammad Najibullah in the early 1990s based on the intrigues of America, Gulf powers, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and Sunni Islamist forces, this nation is nothing more than a failed state based on endless chaos, political corruption, and growing Takfiri ideology.


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