America and China: Who will win the 5G technology tussle?

America and China: Who will win the 5G technology tussle?  

Horace C. White 

Modern Tokyo Times


5G tech War Update: Huawei official appears in court 

As the United States basks in the partial halt of a 35-day federal government shutdown, the Trump administration still has a lot to worry about. Besides the failure of the administration’s move to get Congressional go-ahead to fund the wall over concerning the US-Mexico border, Washington is in a trade tussle with Beijing, China. Fortunately, the two countries are in high-level talks to iron out their differences. But it remains unclear when the trade tension will end.

Impact of the trade tension

Today, the trade dispute is taking a heavy toll on the peoples and economies of the two countries. Regrettably, tech companies of the two countries are feeling the heat. It will be recalled that the Modern Tokyo Times writer Horace C. White earlier reported that China’s leading telecom equipment maker Huawei Technologies Inc. was caught up in the supremacy fight. As the trade tension continues to play out, there is no denying the fact that the world is watching closely. Well, analysts firmly believe that the rival that will be in firm control of 5G wireless technology will become the victor of the trade battle. Observers say that today’s world superpower must be miles ahead of other countries in technological innovation.

The role of 5G wireless technology in the trade battle

Basically, in mobile telephony, mobile phone manufacturer Apple Inc. means to the United States what Huawei represents in China — that is, national pride. Nevertheless, the latter is leading the pack in 5G mobile technology – something that worldwide techies are saying is making the United States green with envy. Huawei, on the other hand, has sold lots of 5G telecommunication equipment around the world. In response, the United States government has boycotted 5G tech products from the tech giant, calling its allies to follow suit. With respect to why 5G technology matters in the trade war, experts say that the cutting-edge technology is 100 times faster than the widespread 4G LTE technology.

US government goes tough on Huawei

In a series of attempts to clip China’s wings, the United States has barred the use of Huawei phones among its staffers, warning that the Chinese government could be spying on Americans through Huawei mobile phones. In January 2019, Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei Technologies Co., denied the claim, maintaining that the company has never spied for the Chinese government. Speaking at an event, Zhengfei pointed out that the tech giant would never snitch on its customers, adding that no law in China mandates any tech behemoth to install the controversial mandatory backdoor technology. United States officials had earlier instructed the Canadian authorities to arrest and extradite Huawei Technologies’ CFO Meng Wanzhou for violating US sanctions on Iran. Meng, the daughter of Huawei founder, has nonetheless denied any wrongdoing.

Huawei official appears in court

On Monday, the United States Justice Department made public the charges against the Huawei official. On the other hand, Meng has challenged the decision of Canadian authorities to extradite her to the United States, arguing that she hasn’t violated any United States laws. On Tuesday, Meng appeared in Canada’s British Columbia Supreme Court for the first time as the hearing into her case kicks off. While the United States-China trade negotiations continue, it is expected that the talks will linger. The Guardian reported Tuesday that the Canadian authorities have a month to decide whether to extradite Meng to the United States or not. Nevertheless, the trial judge, William Ehrcke, adjourned the next hearing until March 6.

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