Austria Focuses on Visegrad Logic to Protect European Borders: EU and Turkey

Austria Focuses on Visegrad Logic to Protect European Borders: EU and Turkey

Salma Zribi, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Austria is preparing to protect Europe in line with the Visegrad Group (V4 – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) that seeks earnestly to protect European civilization and values. It is abundantly clear that political elites in Vienna are increasingly waking up to the folly of Chancellor Merkel of Germany and her “open door policy for economic migrants.” Therefore, Austria is insisting that the European Union (EU) takes essential measures based on the flawed deal with Turkey.

The Defense Minister of Austria, Hans Peter Doskozil, said, “I have always said that the EU-Turkey deal should only be a stop-gap measure until the EU is in the position to effectively protect its external borders and thereby stem the flow of migrants.”

Sadly, nations including Greece, Italy, and Germany, seem in a flux to act responsibly with the notable dagger at the heart of Europe being Merkel. Instead, responsible nations from the V4 are seeking to galvanize Europe and Austria is listening.

Doskozil knows that measures need to be taken immediately given the political convulsions in Turkey under President Erdogan. This applies to the increasing persecution of the Kurds, internal political convulsions in Turkey leading to the imprisonment of vast numbers of people, political brinkmanship of Erdogan who perennially threatens economic blackmail towards the EU, and other important factors. Therefore, Austria wants action to be taken immediately in order to stem a fresh enormous wave of migrants that is being encouraged by Germany and the utter failure of nations like Italy.

Doskozil states, “…it is right, and high time, that… EU member states recognize this and confront this challenge, deal with the problem themselves and be ready to act themselves.”

Not surprisingly, Austria stressed that it is inviting the defense ministers of nations from Central Europe next week to talk openly and formulate initiatives together. Austria knows the firm backbone of the V4 that is standing up for European culture, the preservation of European identity and is committed to finding the answer to mass unemployment that blights certain European nations. Similarly, the diktats of Merkel – and others like Italy – that seek to share the burden of the folly that they have created doesn’t wash in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.

Modern Tokyo Times in a past article stated, Chancellor Merkel of Germany gave more than a wink to hopeful migrants to flee to Europe because the European Union (EU) was nothing more than an open door in her egotistical mind. This reality made an already complex situation become a smugglers paradise and a nightmare for many European nations. On top of this, Merkel was intent on bullying smaller regional nations into submission based on a quota system and open Europe. Not only this, when it became clear that Merkel’s policies were unleashing chaos then Merkel turned to Turkey – a nation that continues to occupy Northern Cyprus, jails journalists, persecutes the Kurdish minority and enables Takfiri Sunni Islamist terrorist groups to utilize border areas with neighboring Syria. In other words, the anti-European Merkel now promised to give special incentives to the draconian leader of Turkey that would further erode the notion of European identity and culture.”

The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Péter Szijjártó, says, “The Hungarian have the exclusive right to decide who they wish to live with and this is also an issue of sovereignty; Brussels and the Brussels institutions cannot decide this instead of them.”

Austria and the V4 need to reach out to other nations based on geopolitics in order to create a common sense approach to a very serious issue that threatens the richness of European culture and values. Therefore, with the internal political crisis in Turkey reaching boiling point, it is essential that European nations prepare to protect the citizens of each individual nation state within the EU.

Attention also needs to be placed on working together with nations outside of the EU, for example, Serbia, in order to shore up the continent from perennial mass migration that is creating a smugglers paradise and a breeding ground for Takfiri Islamists.


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