Japanese Journalist Kosuke Tsuneoka, Suspected of Assisting ISIS, needs to be Charged in Iraq

Japanese Journalist Kosuke Tsuneoka, Suspected of Assisting ISIS, needs to be Charged in Iraq

Noriko Watanabe, Murad Makhmudov, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Kosuke Tsuneoka, a so-called freelance journalist, was captured by Kurdish forces in the struggle against ISIS (Islamic State – IS) in the environs of Mosul. If reports are accurate, then this individual allegedly propagated for ISIS in the full knowledge that this Takfiri Islamist group enslaves Yazidis, butchers the Shia, slaughters Christians, and beheads openly on video. Therefore, it is essential that he is handed over to the authorities of Iraq and that he faces charges for the crimes he involved himself in.

Japanese nationals have been killed by several Sunni Takfiri groups in several nations including a brutal attack in Bangladesh that targeted citizens from this nation. Similarly, ISIS butchered vast numbers of Shia Muslims in the area he went to in Iraq alongside enslaving Yazidis, raping little Yazidi girls, cleansing Christians, and butchering loyal Sunni Muslims who oppose ISIS barbarity.

In other words, it is unfitting for the Japanese government to assist this individual to any degree because he needs to be held accountable to the Iraqi people, who he betrayed by allegedly propagating for ISIS. Sadly, for the Japanese government, certain estranged individuals have entered zones of danger – some based on lofty ideals or adventurism – and others, if true, to assist the most barbaric sectarian group in the world.

According to Kurds, Tsuneoka is a convert to Takfiri Islam, and a Kurdish source says, “He is suspected to be a member of IS.” Kurds also stress that he had potent contacts with Chechen Takfiri Islamists. If so, the Russian Federation should also have access to interrogate this individual who sides with Takfiri head choppers, enslavers of Yazidis, and the butchers of the Shia.

Similarly, if, like it is alleged that he spent time openly in Raqqa in Syria, then the authorities of Syria need to be updated about the propagating intrigues of Tsuneoka. After all, mass barbaric deeds have happened in Raqqa including the butchering of soldiers from the Syrian armed forces, crucifying people, and other atrocious realities.

Reports stress that the Kurds will hand him over to the Japanese consulate in Erbil. However, he should be handed over to the authorities of Iraq in order to investigate is alleged links to ISIS. If these allegations are true, then he should face the consequences of a trial in Iraq and not be treated favorably by Japan.

If Japan doesn’t act appropriately, then the blood of Japanese nationals in North Africa and Bangladesh, for example, at the hands of Takfiri Islamists, is being mocked. America arrests returning terrorists in accordance with the law. Yet, if it is true that Tsuneoka propagated for ISIS – then he should face a lengthy time in prison based on encouraging individuals to join such a barbaric and twisted Takfiri terrorist group.


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