Boko Haram and Massacres in Nigeria: International Jihadi Barbarity

Boko Haram and Massacres in Nigeria: International Jihadi Barbarity

Paul Joseph Nzeribe, Lielit Kebede and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Takfiri Islamists that turn to the sword are committing untold barbarity in countless nations. Indeed, it is difficult to pin down if Takfiri Islamists are more inhumane in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, or in Nigeria. After all, the Taliban is known to have stoned people to death while Al-Shabaab in Somalia beheads and kills all apostates to the Christian faith. Meanwhile in Syria radical Takfiri barbarians adore beheading people while filming their cruelty to the maximum. Similarly, in Iraq and Pakistan it is clear that Shia Muslims are hated and killing people at funerals and at market places is second nature. Likewise, in Syria even children have been taught to behead captured Syrian soldiers while adults praise Allah. This reality is causing untold mayhem in countless nations and currently Nigeria is one endless bloodbath because of the barbarity of Boko Haram.

Islamic Sharia law deems that non-Muslims are unequal based on apartheid logic and amazingly in 2014 several nations support either imprisoning, or killing non-Muslim males, for marrying Muslim women. If mainstream law in nations like Saudi Arabia support killing apostates from Islam and persecuting non-Muslims based on apartheid Sharia laws – then it is easy to see where so much hatred comes from. Therefore, in the warped minds of militant Salafists and jihadi Takfiris they take this hatred to the ultimate level based on daily slaughter. However, unlike Sharia compliant nations where this law is enforced strictly based on the rule of fear, the Takfiris go one step further. This applies to dhimmitude and jizya at best on non-Muslims that are deemed unequal and worthy of oppression – or complete cleansing like in Somalia; but more alarming for Muslims, they are also deemed apostates in the eyes of Takfiris and radical Salafists if they don’t follow their “year zero logic.”

The above concept according to Takfiris and radical Salafists can be witnessed brutally in Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and in a few other nations. This reality means that the Boko Haram in Nigeria think nothing about slaughtering Christians and Muslims alike. In their mindset the majority of Muslims in Nigeria are deemed apostates and worthy of killing. Also, kidnapping young girls to fulfill their sexual impurity is fine in the eyes of Boko Haram. Indeed, in Syria young girls and women from various nations are handed round like a glorified prostitute system in order to fulfill the pleasure of male jihadists and nations like Tunisia are alarmed by this. Of course, some international Takfiris and Islamists in Syria also kidnap and rape Christian, Alawite and Shia girls and brutally rape them via sham marriages based on their twisted and barbaric mindsets. Sadly, if truth is told, then if the legal system in Saudi Arabia allows little girls of 8 and 9 years of age to marry old men of grandfather style ages – then obviously Sharia Islamic law isn’t based on purity and morals in this area. Therefore, Takfiris and various jihadi groups enforce an even more brutal reality on Muslim and non-Muslim girls that come under their control.

Recently in Nigeria the Boko Haram Islamist group kidnapped vast numbers of girls from an educational facility. The immediate fear was that they would become basic sexual slaves for Islamist jihadists that often kidnap Christian (forcibly convert them and then indoctrinate) and Muslim girls. However, the ferocity of the attack appears to have galvanized the armed forces of Nigeria and local authorities to act quickly. According to CNN the vast majority of captured girls are now free but the butchering by Boko Haram is still gathering in pace. Therefore, the government of Nigeria must increase its commitment to firstly contain the crisis and then tackling brutal Islamists that slaughter for fun. Equally important, Nigeria must focus on safe havens in border areas with other nations because these ratlines must be crushed and all traces linked to Gulf petrodollars must be cut.

Fides reported about Boko Haram in the past by stating: Christians in northern Nigeria are victims of the militant Islamist group “Boko Haram” which aims to establish an Islamic state. In a terrorist campaign that has been lasting for months, many churches have been attacked and Christians killed. According to some public statements, Boko Haram said that “kidnapping Christian women is part of the new efforts to attack Christians and force them to leave the North”.One of the primary goals of the group are schools…..more than 40 people, mostly students, were killed in an attack against a college in the state of Yobe. In another recent attack, the dormitory of an institute was set on fire while the children were sleeping and those who tried to escape the fire were gunned down. Boko Haram means “Western education is a sin”, and its leader, Abubakar Shekau has publicly asked to multiply attacks against schools “that teach Western education”. In response to the war launched by Boko Haram against the nation, for two months in the Nigerian states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, where militants are the strongest threat, there is in effect a state of emergency.”

It is inconceivable to think that suicide bombers and jihadi butchers believe that they have the right to kill people while praising Allah before causing so much suffering. Yet in their warped worldview not only do these Takfiri sectarians believe this, but they even believe that they will meet virgins in heaven if they die in the cause of Allah. This “year zero virus” is also gaining traction in Europe and North America because international jihadists from these two continents are involved in several conflicts. Therefore, many international jihadists have been brought up in nations that are democratic and secular therefore something is clearly amiss based on various important factors.

Modern Tokyo Times reported in another article: “The state of emergency declared in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe by the current leader of Nigeria appears ineffective. This reality means that President Goodluck Jonathan and the armed forces need to formulate new policies in order to rebuild confidence. Indeed, it may be time to build up local self-defense forces that are well funded and trained to a high level. These self-defense forces in turn should work closely with security forces and regional police departments. Also, Nigeria must focus on intelligence gathering, cutting the flow of money to Islamists in Nigeria, keep Gulf petrodollars out of the country when based on spreading Salafi Islam, challenging any regional state that may be enabling Boko Haram to obtain breathing space – and to develop other important areas.”

In Nigeria the Islamist forces of Boko Haram are turning Northeastern Nigeria into a nightmare. At the same time, the armed forces of Nigeria appear to be at a loss therefore massacres are frequent. This reality is tearing many places apart in Northeastern Nigeria because the sheer barbarity of Boko Haram is truly horrendous. Indeed, Nigeria is turning into “a state within a state” in parts of the country and if this Takfiri fifth column isn’t crushed then the central state will ultimately be challenged.

In various nations in 2014 you have barbaric Takfiris and various jihadist groups. This reality means that Alawites and the Shia are being butchered in Syria by brutal jihadi groups. Likewise, in Iraq various Sunni Islamist terrorist groups slaughter innocents in markets, mosques, built up areas and so forth. Pakistan also follows this pattern because the Shia and Ahmadiyya are both deemed to be apostates therefore many massacres take place and of course neighboring Afghanistan is blighted by the same hatred. Meanwhile in Somalia the al-Shabaab (many members brought up in the West) behead and butcher male and female converts to Christianity by killing them in front of their children and friends. Overall, Takfiri fanatics, radical Salafi groups and various sectarian Islamist terrorist organizations are causing mayhem far and wide therefore the crisis in Nigeria is being replicated in several nations.

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