Tokyo Fashion News: Fred Perry and White Mountaineering

Tokyo Fashion News: Fred Perry and White Mountaineering

Sarah Deschamps and Kanako Itamae

Modern Tokyo Times


The iconic Fred Perry is selling a collection of delightful polo shirts with four individual brands from Japan. These Japanese companies apply to The Dress & Co., 08sircus, Yuge and Muveil Work. Therefore, for the lovers of the iconic Fred Perry, then these collaborations will be on sale throughout Japan at stores operated by this exquisite brand.

It is great to see all individual Japanese companies adding a special angle to the new designs. Also, it highlights the longevity and iconic nature of Fred Perry whereby their products continue to appeal to new generations.


Meanwhile White Mountaineering, a snazzy brand hailing from Japan, relocated its flagship store to trendy Daikanyama. For individuals who don’t know about Daikanyama then this part of Tokyo is extremely hip. Indeed, the vibes in this vibrant district is a real treat because it contrasts greatly with mega districts like Ikebukuro, Shibuya and Shinjuku.

The new flagship of White Mountaineering will focus on the men’s fashion angle like expected. Also, this delightful store will concentrate on the new launch of their women’s collection. This should be a winner because Daikanyama appeals greatly to ladies who adore fashion in this leafy district.

Fred Perry and White Mountaineering have very different backgrounds and of course the fashion angle varies greatly. However, both these brands understand the uniqueness of the Japanese fashion sector. Therefore, the collaboration between Fred Perry and four Japanese brands is a treat for fashion lovers of this exquisite company. Likewise, the trendy nature of Daikanyama is a clear firm base for White Mountaineering to continue to flourish.

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