Boko Islamists Kidnap Many in Nigeria: Persecuted Christians

Boko Islamists Kidnap Many in Nigeria: Persecuted Christians

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Nigeria is a land that is soaked in the blood of Christians.

Fulani Muslim massacres of Christians to Boko Haram Islamists butchering and kidnapping Christians – and other Muslim forces of brutality – is all too common in Nigeria.

Boko Islamists kill Christians and Muslims alike, even if they seek to erase Christianity from areas under their control. This happens year after year – similar to Fulani Muslims butchering Christians in vast numbers.

Boko Islamists have just kidnapped approximately 160 people from Kuchi village. During this attack, they also killed at least ten people. Once more, Boko Islamists targeted women and children to be kidnapped.

Amnesty International said, “The invasion of the village by the gunmen is yet another indication of the Nigerian authorities’ utter failure to protect lives.”

Amnesty International continued, “Since 2021 gunmen have been consistently attacking Kuchi village and raping women and girls in their matrimonial homes… Amnesty International is calling on the Nigerian authorities to end these spate of abductions and bring suspected perpetrators to justice. Frequent mass abductions and killings are clear evidence of failure of authorities to protect the people.”

At the same time, Fulani Muslims continue to kill Christians.

International Christian Concern reports, “Philip Sorongi, a former national leader of the Irigwe Youths, condemned the ongoing silent slaughter of Christians for land occupancy and called on officials to take swift action to end the attacks against the Irigwe Christian community. He added that the attacks are devastating the local agricultural economy.”

Attacks against Christian farmers are decades old. However, the government of Nigeria – known for massive corruption – seems unwilling to stem the crisis.

Christians in northern Nigeria are butchered like lambs to the slaughter of the Islamist sword.

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah of Sokoto said, “Over the years, these murderers have left their footprints of blood and tears across the length and breadth of the entire northern states, indiscriminately wrecking destruction across large swaths of land and communities.”

Bishop Kukah continued, “In all this, the Nigerian state and its security agencies are blindsided.”

Christian Solidarity International reports, “Since 2016, Islamist-inspired Fulani militias have stepped up their brutal attacks across swathes of central and southern Nigeria, laying waste to mainly Christian villages, killing the villagers or driving them from their ancestral homes. It is a campaign that is increasingly taking on the character of ethnic cleansing.”

Christians need protection in Nigeria. However, where will this protection come from – given the abject failure of successive Nigerian governments and the armed forces?

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