British Foreign Aid is helping Sunni Islamist groups that stone women to death in Syria

British Foreign Aid is helping Sunni Islamist groups that stone women to death in Syria

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

According to a BBC Panorama investigation into a police force backed by the United Kingdom in Syria, it is being reported that funds are being channeled to Sunni Islamist terrorist groups. Astonishingly, taxpayers’ money is even known to have helped Sunni Islamists to stone at least two women to death. Of course, the numbers could be even higher and it is distinctly possible that people deemed apostates and homosexuals might have perished while being assisted by foreign aid from the United Kingdom.

The report by BBC Panorama comes at a time when the current British government will provide housing and welfare benefits to returning Sunni Islamists who joined groups including ISIS (Islamic State). In other words, the British government is siding with Sunni Islamist forces in Syria who support “Alawites to the grave, Christians to Beirut.”

Crispin Blunt, a Conservative Member of Parliament and a former individual on the Foreign Affairs Committee, is astonished that the FSP (Free Syrian Police) is involved in Takfiri Islamist courts.

Blunt said, “You’ve got people being sentenced to death for homosexuality… Clearly that is completely and utterly unacceptable by any standard and the idea that British taxpayers’ money was associated with that would of course be wholly abhorrent.”

The BBC reports on a case where two women were stoned to death – just like what happens under ISIS or when Islamic Sharia law is implemented. Yet, why did the British government tolerate such barbarity in the first place? After all, if the British government didn’t monitor how foreign aid was being utilized in Syria – and in the knowledge that Sunni Islamist Takfiri terrorist groups were in the same area – then surely something is amiss? Hence, it is shocking that it was an investigation by BBC Panorama that led to the suspension of the current foreign aid project.

The BBC says, The government has suspended a foreign aid project after a BBC Panorama investigation found taxpayers’ cash was being diverted to extremists in Syria.” 

Yet it is doubtful that the government wasn’t aware of certain shortcomings in relation to the project being run by the Adam Smith International (ASI). After all, even the ASI acknowledged that in 2016 that a sizeable 20 percent of all police salary money was being handed over to sectarian and terrorist forces, in relation to five FSP stations in areas that Nour al-Din al-Zinki controls.

Al-Nusra, another Sunni Islamist sectarian force that kills and cleanses Alawites, Christians, Sunni government loyalist, and the Shia, also had links to the work of ASI. It is irrelevant if limited in nature – or the sums are minor – because mass atrocities have been committed by al-Nusra in many parts of Syria. Therefore, why was ASI able to move freely in al-Nusra held areas and why was this group reaching out given the sectarian nature of al-Nusra?

The latest allegations come at a time when leading media groups are highlighting the reality that the British government is showing extreme care towards returning ISIS sectarians. Yes, Sunni Islamist individuals who joined ISIS to rape Yazidi women, behead Alawites, butcher Christians, kill Sunni government loyalists, and other mass barbarities, are being treated with cotton-wool. Therefore, the Panorama investigation and the murky role of the British government in Syria is starting to unravel – hence, is the passiveness of the British government based on murky intrigues?

According to The Times, “Islamic State fighters who return from the war zone in the Middle East could be offered council houses, helped to find a job and given counseling.”

Similarly, The Daily Mail said, “In hotspots for terror suspects such as Birmingham, Manchester and London, local police will be handed details of potential terrorists by counter-terrorism police and MI5 and will visit them in person. A local panel will then decide what interventions could work…If the extremists do not have suitable accommodation, the council’s housing department will try to put them in social housing and may pay their rent if they are poor. They could also be given priority on waiting lists.”

Modern Tokyo Times also weighed in by stating, Why is the United Kingdom placating the Sunni Islamist killers and rapists of Alawites, Christians, the Shia, Yazidis, and other faith groups, that were targeted by ISIS in Iraq and Syria?”

Overall, it is clear that many governments and international charities are involved in murky ties that enable money to flow into the coffers of Sunni Islamist terrorists. This is nothing new because how do Sunni Islamist terrorists travel all over the world to butcher in Bosnia, Libya, and Syria decade after decade? Indeed, we all know that the vast majority of Sunni Islamist terrorists who entered Syria did so easily via NATO Turkey. Therefore, the BBC Panorama report should dig deeper and join the countless dots together.


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