Hindus who fled ARSA in Rakhine to return to Maungdaw: Myanmar is Protecting Hindus from terrorism

Hindus who fled ARSA in Rakhine to return to Maungdaw: Myanmar is Protecting Hindus from terrorism

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

Islamic terrorists and Bengali Muslims who terrorized minority groups in Rakhine, including Hindus, are paradoxically strengthening ties between this religious minority and central forces that seek to protect the nation. Of course, ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) and Bengali Muslims in Rakhine who support the cleansing of religious minorities are following the same logic used by ISIS (Islamic State – IS). In other words, ARSA and Bengali Muslim sympathizers – just like ISIS that brutally persecutes Alawites, Christians, and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria respectively – killed and attacked religious and ethnic minorities including Hindus and the Mro in Rakhine.

Hence, Hindus fled to government-controlled areas in Myanmar after ARSA Islamists attacked Hindus in Rakhine during the height of attacks by this Islamist terrorist and sectarian group. However, since the armed forces of Myanmar have started to return order in areas under attack by ARSA Islamist terrorists, it is known that Hindus are now returning to Maungdaw.

Sadly, the international mass media throughout the West and Islamic world is not only underreporting on the plight of ethnic and religious minorities in Rakhine who have been attacked by Bengali Muslims – just like attacks against Buddhists by ARSA – but also they are barely on the radar. Equally, little is being mentioned about how Bengali Muslim migration to the Chittagong Hill Tracts (Bangladesh) is extremely detrimental to all Buddhist and Hindu tribal groups. Therefore, it appears that Islamization by stealth, based on enormous Bengali Muslim migration in parts of Rakhine and the Chittagong Hill Tracts, is being rubber-stamped by Western and Islamic nations.

It is known that approximately 3,000 Hindus fled to Sittwe after the ARSA Islamist onslaught several months ago that targeted all and sundry. In other areas, for example in other parts of Maungdaw, over 1,200 Hindus also fled. However, since the armed forces of Myanmar began to clear areas in Rakhine from Islamist terrorists, then gradually Hindus, the Mro, and other smaller minorities have begun to return home.

U Ni Mal, a Hindu community leader, said, “No one wants to return to their place of origin, as entire villages were butchered by aggressive Bengali attackers. We don’t trust them. We told them it’s impossible.”

It is known that ARSA Islamists in places including Ye Baw Kya village and in the vicinity of Baw Talar village killed many Hindus. This includes mass graves of many Hindus, for example, in one mass grave 45 Hindus were brutally murdered by ARSA – a far cry from the one-sided media approach to Rakhine.

Alarmingly, Modern Tokyo Times says, The armed forces of Myanmar are risking everything in order to protect civilians being attacked by ARSA Islamist terrorists and Bengali Muslims who deem non-Muslims to be inferior based on Islamic Sharia law and the Hadiths. Of course, major Western and Islamic media outlets – mimicking the call by Al-Qaeda and other Sunni Islamist Takfiri forces seeking to cleanse Buddhists, Hindus, and various Tribal groups in Rakhine in Myanmar – are once more in tandem. Hence, just like in Afghanistan (the 1980s and early 1990s), Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, and Syria, the same tripartite is emerging. In other words, Myanmar is facing the usual tripartite of Western nations, Islamic nations, and the mass media from the same countries involved in countless destabilization policies.”

However, despite the meddling of international nations, religious and ethnic minorities in Rakhine understand the need to be protected by the armed forces of this nation. Hence, the minority Hindu community in Rakhine is increasingly looking to the armed forces of Myanmar for protection and this bodes well for India-Myanmar relations. After all, India knows full well the impact of Islamic invasions, Western meddling and hypocrisy, and how migrants in past history waged jihad against the indigenous.

State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi said, “…those who have had to flee their homes are many. Not just Muslims and [Buddhist] Rakhines but also small minority groups such as Daing-net, Mro, Thet, Mramagyi and Hindus, of whose presence most of the world is totally unaware.”

Bina Bala, gave her testimony to Reuters after ARSA Islamists attacked her village. She said, “We watched as they tied each person, hands behind their back and also legs… They cut all their throats and pushed them into a hole.”

Several months later and now regional authorities and the armed forces based in Rakhine are hoping that Hindus – and others fleeing ARSA Islamist terrorists – will return home. Of course, it is clear that Hindus still fear a future Islamist terrorist attack based on the horrendous trauma of survivors. Despite this, the nation of Myanmar is doing its best to reassure returning Hindus that new security measures are in place.


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