Clashes in China over coronavirus: Police in Jiangxi seek to keep out people from Hubei

Clashes in China over coronavirus: Police in Jiangxi seek to keep out people from Hubei  

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Images coming from a bridge between Hubei and Jiangxi provinces show clashes between the police and people from Hubei. Meanwhile, news from other areas in China entails discrimination against people from Hubei. This is based on the province of Hubei being the epicenter of the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

Equally important, it is clear evidence that people in China don’t trust the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party – be it at the central or district level. Thus, in the worst-case scenario, one can only imagine if the lifting of quarantine in Hubei resulted in a fresh wave of coronavirus cases. Therefore, the central political elites will be nervously watching events.

The Globe and Mail report, On Friday, videos of the bridge confrontation showed a line of uniformed officers behind riot shields positioned across the bridge, blocking movement from Hubei province across the Yangtze River into Jiujiang, a city in Jiangxi.”

Other reports equally highlight the fear of some Chinese people against people from Hubei, irrespective if it is happening in Beijing or wherever. This applies to many areas of discrimination, from work-related issues to living accommodation and so forth.

Deep concern persists in China about people from Hubei possibly spreading the coronavirus to other areas. It matters not if this is true or false because perceptions remain despite the CCP claiming the crisis is now contained. After all, with the overwhelming majority of deaths from coronavirus being in the province of Hubei then naturally fear remains.

Asia News ( reports, “Videos released online (visible in this article) show thousands of people from Huangmei (Hubei) attempting to cross the bridge over the Yangtze River, which connects Huangmei with the city of Jiujiang (Jiangxi). The demonstrators marching on the bridge, shout slogans like “Hubei, come on! (Hubei Jia you!)” and they clash with the Jiangxi police who want to block them. Protesters turned over several police cars.”

Obviously, the CCP is extremely worried about the political convulsions of coronavirus. Similarly, even if factors are different, international convulsions from the coronavirus are inevitable. For example, tensions are starting in the European Union over economic issues. Therefore, with the CCP persistently focusing on power concentration in China, the fear is that greater distrust will emerge if the CCP gets the coronavirus crisis wrong.


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