Group infection of 58 in Japan on the coattails of the Olympic postponement

Group infection of 58 in Japan on the coattails of the Olympic postponement

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

In recent days more cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) are being reported in various parts of Japan. Thus, news emanating from Chiba prefecture, part of Greater Tokyo, of a group infection is part of the growing seriousness.

Reports state that the group infection consists of 58 people of which 26 have disabilities. The other people are workers at the welfare facility in Chiba prefecture.

Kensaku Morita, the Governor of Chiba, is visibly shocked by events. He uttered, “It is a grave situation.”

Astonishingly, Japan’s testing of coronavirus is ridiculously small given more than two months since the first reported case. This fact appears to be related to the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the leader of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Yuriko Koike, appearing to be over-focused on saving the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Therefore, since the postponement of the Olympics then suddenly more cases are being reported in Japan.

In the best-case scenario, Abe and Koike never put over-emphasis on the Olympics but endangered the people of Japan based on utter naivety. Or, in the worst-case scenario – and suspicions are justified – then the Olympics was the main priority. After all, coronavirus tests have been minimal in comparison with South Korea and both Abe and Koike had relentlessly stressed the Olympics would go on this year.

Either way, the criteria of coronavirus and lack of testing and appropriate monitoring meant that the virus had opportunities to spread. Hence, while it appears strange that Japan is following an increase in cases in the timeframe of Europe and not Northeast Asia; then this could be related to the estrange policies of the Abe administration.

A recent upturn in coronavirus cases in Tokyo and other parts of Japan should equate to Abe and Koike facing serious questions. The same applies to their opportunism after immediately focusing more strongly on the coronavirus crisis within a day of the Olympic postponement. Therefore, the crisis in the welfare facility in Chiba is an underlying fact related to the estrange policies of the Japanese political elites.


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