Covid-19 infections drop in Osaka and Tokyo: Scaremongering over in Japan? 

Covid-19 infections drop in Osaka and Tokyo: Scaremongering over in Japan? 

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

The coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis in Japan is gradually relenting to the point where the country can focus on the next stage. Hence, no new reported coronavirus cases on Sunday in Osaka. Similarly, Tokyo only witnessed five new infections.

It should be remembered that Osaka and Tokyo are still covered by the state of emergency. This highlights the situation in 39 out of 47 prefectures that have been released from the state of emergency. In truth, despite the usual scaremongering of certain Japanese and international media, at no point was the entire country under serious threat.

Certain areas were problematic – and a fresh outbreak is always possible – but deaths after more than four months of coronavirus in Japan remain low. After all, the population of Japan is over 126 million people but only 725 deaths. However, this didn’t stop many bizarre headlines of the national and international press.

At all times, the Modern Tokyo Times took a cautious and realistic approach. This was based on the internal situation and the regional reality. For in similar modern nations including Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan the death toll is also low. Therefore, all indications – including few deaths in the first two months of coronavirus in Japan – meant that it appeared most unlikely that a catastrophe would happen.

Scaremongering reports on national television, internal media, and international media resembled the title “fake news.” This relates to the coronavirus crisis in Japan.

Shockingly, Reuters uttered, “Reports in Japanese media citing an undisclosed health ministry projection said fatalities could reach the 400,000-mark without mitigation measures. It also estimated that as many as 850,000 people could need ventilators.”

However, after more than four months of coronavirus in Japan, the above figure is over 399,000 out. Hence, Japan is entering the next stage of the fight against coronavirus.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe uttered, a few days ago, “With the lifting of the state of emergency in many regions, today marks the real beginning of our efforts toward a new normal in the era of the coronavirus.”

Japan must now focus on all shortcomings. This notably applies to the increase of ICU beds, the shortfall in important medial equipment, the need to protect all health care workers, monitoring care homes, and other essential areas. Therefore, if the coronavirus returns the system will be able to withstand a more severe outbreak.

Of course, Japan needs to remain vigilant and people need to respect guidelines so that a new cluster doesn’t return. – Tokyo Metropolitan Government website for updates about the coronavirus crisis in Tokyo. – Japan regional coronavirus statistics World coronavirus statistics


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