Czechia and the China and Taiwan issue: Miloš Vystrčil promises to visit Taiwan

Czechia and the China and Taiwan issue: Miloš Vystrčil promises to visit Taiwan

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nation of Czechia (Czech Republic) fully understands the legacy of Communist rule. Hence, the diplomatic balance for Czechia between China and Taiwan shouldn’t be defined by economics. Instead, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) needs to acknowledge the complexity of history even if China remains fully opposed to Taiwan.

Czechia doesn’t need geopolitical power plays from America, China, or the Russian Federation. Instead, the democratic heart that ticked passionately – despite decades of Communist rule – needs to be cherished and upheld. Therefore, for Czechia, the issue of China and Taiwan isn’t based on negativity towards either nation but on its own history.

The President of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil of Czechia promises to visit Taiwan at the end of August. For political elites in China, the CCP will be angered if the trip goes ahead. Similarly, divisions about the trip exist internally. However, this brave stance needs applauding based on the democratic path of Czechia and Taiwan respectively.

In truth, the nations of America, the European Union, and others should open-up to Taiwan. If so, then the steps taken by this Central European nation wouldn’t be viewed so problematically. Taiwan isn’t Hong Kong. Instead, this nation is sovereign and is moving further away from China based on cultural differences and democracy.

Of course, Taiwan needs to maintain diplomacy with China whereby both nations gain from greater economic and cultural interaction. Likewise, unlike America having military bases in Japan and South Korea, issues like this aren’t warranted in Taiwan. After all, it would push China too far. Therefore, the CCP needs to focus on greater internal issues rather than seeking to dictate to Taiwan and other nations that seek to strengthen ties.

President Miloš Zeman of Czechia opposes the visit of Miloš Vystrčil to Taiwan. Yet, it is time for Czechia – and other nations that were crushed under the Iron Curtain – to break away from nations that seek to dictate. Instead, the light of democracy and a shared common European Home should be the bonds that preserve in modern Europe.

Czechia doesn’t need to choose between China or Taiwan just like other nations. On the contrary, the democratic heart that refused to die must shape Czechia. Hence, just like the CCP needs to understand the legacy of the Soviet Union, Czechia equally needs to understand the legacy of China being humiliated by outside nations.

Thus the visit of two proposed Czechia delegations to Taiwan is based on the bonds of democracy. At the same time, Czechia understands the importance of not joining the anti-China bloc but to strengthen ties that favor all.


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