Japan art and the Reflection of time: Hōitsu and the Persimmon Tree by Utsumi

Japan art and the Reflection of Time: Hōitsu and the Persimmon Tree by Utsumi

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

In another stunning art piece by the contemporary Japanese artist Sawako Utsumi, she focuses on a classic by Sakai Hōitsu (1761-1829). However, in her reflection, the dynamics change in relation to the color scheme, meaning, and the bird is now a distant ghost.

Despite this, Utsumi is paying hommage to Hōitsu while remaining true to her independent spirit. Hence the smoothness of the original and passive reality becomes transfixed into a different dimension.

The art piece by Utsumi is titled The Persimmon Tree and the Reflection of Time. However, unlike the original by Hōitsu (above), the bird is now a distant ghost thus no longer visible.

This doesn’t denote the bird itself but the ongoing erosion of the influence of Buddhism, Shintoism, and other areas of old Japan. After all, Hōitsu became a Buddhist monk in the last few decades of his life. Equally important, in the world of classical rinpa art (rimpa art) the power of literature, poetry, the tea ceremony, and other cultural angles were embedded based on continuity.

Hence, the color scheme by Utsumi represents the non-continuity of many aspects of modern Japanese culture. Similarly, the uncertain times relating to the decline in religion, low birth rate, high debt, stresses of modern life, and the ongoing uncertainty of the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis relates to the rugged background.

Overall, a lovely dynamic new art piece by Utsumi that relates to the reflection of time. Thus an independent feel materializes and while the subject area may appear limited, this is further from the truth. Therefore, the fruit of life still remains but the price of modernity is a throwaway culture that is never-ending.

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