Donald Trump Elected President of America: Ethnic Politics and the Demise of the Dynasty

Donald Trump Elected President of America: Ethnic Politics and the Demise of the Dynasty

Michiyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Donald Trump, the Republican Party, is to become the next leader of the United States. In other words, the Bush and Clinton dynasty – irrespective of political party – is finally losing its stranglehold on the political power mechanisms of America. Equally important, the Clinton campaign outspent the Republican candidate by a large ratio on the mass media but still lost based on the persona of Trump. In other words, the anti-establishment vote won the day.

Trump, the most un-Republican candidate in recent history seems more in tune with being a real independent. Apparently, he alienated many Hispanic voters and women based on past comments but clearly not to the extent that was reported by media outlets. One saving grace for Trump was the white working class and others within this group who feel marginalized and unrepresented by liberal elites and the ruling political class. This applies irrespective if the Bush or Clinton dynasty – therefore, Trump supporters believe that Trump provides fresh hope based on not being afraid to speak his mind.

Afro-Americans, the white working class, and Native Americans, are further becoming marginalized in the body politic of America. Yet, the majority of Afro-Americans still trust the Democratic Party despite appearing to be taken for granted based on the same perennial problems. However, with ethnic politics becoming a growing issue within the body politic of America, then clearly increasing immigration and the manipulation of language suits the Democratic Party backed by outspending Trump immeasurably. Despite this, many new immigrants who have been given citizenship come from conservative cultures and clearly enough refused to follow the mantra of the political liberal elites.

Internationally, the electoral victory of Trump was not desired in the European Union, China, Japan, Mexico, and other nations. Of course, reasons vary because over many decades China and Japan have witnessed favorable trade deals with America based on unfair tariffs and other factors. Similarly, Mexico desires to manipulate NAFTA, while the military bloc of NATO is worried about Trump demanding a more equally paid organization. Yet, the people of America who supported Trump have ignored all international concerns because they seek Trump to create a favorable outcome for America. In other words, to stop nations abusing tariffs and other negative economic trade deals.

Overall, the election dismantled the Bush and Clinton dynasty of power concentration in America. If Clinton had emerged victorious then ethnic politics, dynastic familiarity, traditional political elites, and other negatives, would have continued under her leadership. After all, only Trump offered change – even if this change is fraught with danger – but change to challenge the status quo and negative international trade deals will now be on the table. Therefore, Trump’s electoral victory equates to a new break from the ruling political class within the Democratic and Republican political movements.


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